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  1. Hi Captainchaos ,Picolina Thank you for your time and advice ,don't know why it's not implemented in V5 though when i had the right settings in V3 Beyond me. Cheers , Glenn Fingers crossed they will fix it and roll out an update in the future....... , not holding my breath though
  2. Hi Bsmither , Thanks for your reply, Currently we only deal with local / australian customers so we only have one tax setting, yes you are correct in regards to your statement above. We only need to display the tax component breakdown not include the tax on top of the total.
  3. Hi Guys, I am hoping someone can help me out we have a site in australia that need's to report the tax component correctly. At checkout ,print order form and admin screen. No matter what settings i change i cant get it right. please see attachment as an example. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Current Cubecart Version: 5.27 Thank you in advance Cheers, Glenn
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