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  1. ok have got it all up and running but now when i clear cache button it goes waits a few seconds like it would normally then it goes to a blank page, any ideas?
  2. have just done that and still no errors, Im currently on 626 if i do a manual upgrade to 629 do you think it will fix this? maybe some files are missing, oh and im only a few miles away in bradford :) i can see a order created in my admin CP but in payment gateway still blank page
  3. ok ive got most of this working now but as i test the checkout process the payments gateway page comes up blank, there is no error reported in admin cp, any ideas? what are the files that this involves? modules\gateway ? anything else it uses as a reference? thanks
  4. tried agian and now new error ---- Database: `frrtunin_ccrt1`--CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `frrtunin_ccrt1` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci
  5. ok im trying the export and import, but when i import it gives error ---- Table structure for table `CubeCart_Coupons`--DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `CubeCart_Coupons` and no tables are imported, any ideas?
  6. hi guys in the middle to changing hosting provider to support newer php7, now i have some old versions/files from cc3, cc4, cc5 and the latets one i use cc6. My question is whats best way to backup and restore so I have a clean version of the latest cc6. Can i run backup of files and database from admin page and restore? or will I have to use ftp of baclup all and load etc? also when i try to backup from admin i keep getting error 500, possibily due to size?
  7. ive installed ayden extesion, when i enter it to see what config data is required, there is nothing about klarna. Any help with this? thanks
  8. Whats the cost for this? They are sending me a sdk package which may help
  9. does cc support klarna payment module? thanks
  10. upgraded to 6.2 all ok but now I get error 405 when changing order status. Takes a long time to change the status, timesout and gives 405 not allowed error nginx/1.14.0. Any ideas? thanks
  11. did a manual update to latest 6.1.13 and after looks like some images are missing in the images tab in products and also when i upload a new image it does show. Also would be great to have a search filter for images, scorolling through images and finding names is long when you have a thousands of images. thanks
  12. i see there is no wizard option to upgrade. Whats qucikest way to now upgrade CC. Currently im running 6.1.1 MySQL 5.5.51-38
  13. should be incorporated into CC without marketplace ok ive now purchsed Noodleman plugin and installed via the thunderbolt, but when i enable and try to edit page is blank? do i need to copy some files/folders into my site?
  14. any way to shwo prices with and without VAT?
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