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  1. my storefronnt is not loading, admin side works all ok. Only thing i can think of whats changed is I upgraded the noodleman prices with/out tax plugin, ive tried uninstalling this from managae extensions but still no storefront. Anytyhing I should check? thanks
  2. also if i search in shop front woith product code it says " Just one product was found matching 'xxxxxxx' " and doesnt display it 404 - Page Not Found Sorry but the page you are looking for could not be found.
  3. hi guys, i upgraded to latest 623 all ok then 624 all ok. evrything was working expect password as i didnt change admin file name in relevant file but cc normally makes new admin file so wasnt really fussed. Also deleted lots of cacxhe file in cache folder and there was lots of cache file in normal parent cc directory, now my amdin page didpays blank, no error message 404/5 etc but store front works all ok, seems like lve lost some files for admin page, can anyone help identfify what files i need where for admin login pag to display. thanks
  4. upgraded to 6.2 all ok but now I get error 405 when changing order status. Takes a long time to change the status, timesout and gives 405 not allowed error nginx/1.14.0. Any ideas? thanks
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