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  1. Thanks Al. Just on the emails, the first 3 from sales at bbd were sent as replies to your original offer. The final email sent from *this* email was directed at sales at cubecart.com and was not a reply to anything. One wonders why the emails themselves were not received? None of this is an accusation either Al, merely observations. You're on it and that's all that matters. I do apologise it made the public arena but given your response, it appears that it has provided a favourable outcome. Thank you for your candour and efforts. btw: I'm located in AU, not US.
  2. I'm sorry Al, something is not right. I contacted you 3 times via your sales at cubecart email on the 5th, 12th and 18th Feb. A further (4th) email was sent via THIS registered email on the 18th in case previous emails had gone to spam. I didn't want to bring this into the public arena but all other attempts to get action have failed. Maybe you need to check that your email works? For truth, there is no need for argument. Cubecart was promising but didn't cut it for what I needed it to do. I've had to invest elsewhere and the budget is tightening. Rather than butt heads, I'm just keen to see some action on this. order #87316 support ticket #97339 Transaction Record 06/02/2014 VISA-CUBECART 44207183553 GBFRGN AMT-126.000000#xxxxxxx $147.96
  3. It has now been 3 weeks since I put in a request for refund. It was gladly offered by Al. Repeated emails have been sent from at least 2 accounts during these last 3 weeks seeking a response. To date. No refund. No response.Getting very concerned about firstly, lack of response and secondly, the refund. We're professionals. Shame.
  4. @ayz1, Need a clear delineation between the quick checkout process and the returning customer process in the dialogue here. As Al stated, quick checkout *must* bring the customer details back from Paypal prior to authorisation and the tests I conducted worked fine in this regard (with the exception of the order details not being available at Paypal.) Customer must realise that without a valid shipping address his order cannot be calculated PP side. ofc, you could ask for shipping address prior to QC but then that negates QC doesn't it? tbh, I have had this discussion 100 times over the years and in my experience 90% of shop developers will tell you "Express Checkout?! Just don't!!" And calc on shipping is the main reason. It requires a savvy shopper to use it properly, simply because they understand the process. An interesting Paypal "hook" is this oft bandied phrase "increase profits by 20%, use Express Checkout!". Statistics might bear this out but one statistic you can't find is how many people abandon carts when this supposedly "quick" process causes confusion because of the return and subsequent "make payment" second or third step. My advice. For most of your customers, they're more than willing to do the registration bit and THIS is where you need to be efficient. Make YOUR login and account creation simple and quick and people WILL use it. Determine what info YOU need and ONLY ask for that. All other fields are redundant. (Speaking of which, CC requires phone? Uh uh.... Bad. It's an **electronic** transaction. Phone number "required" scares people off. Needs option to kill it. I've never needed to use a phone in hundreds of online transactions ever!) The irony, all these problems and coding issues with *every* cart simply because a customer doesn't want to enter their address details because of lazyiness or privacy concerns! When 99% of browsers have autofill and the shop MUST have the shipping details on file so they can send the order regardless??? The mind boggles. Alas.. back on topic... Having said all that about quick checkout, a *returning registered customer* (read loyal spender) should be taken straight to Paypal, with completed *and listed* transaction details and the return to site should be a completed and finalised transaction. 2 steps and out. This was the point of this thread mostly and one I totally agree with. I know when I wrote my own package and handler some years back that the entire order including tax/shipping etc. was sent to Paypal for display. The return was a completed transaction wrapped in my IPN handler and I simply determined how to handle the transaction serverside from the gets(). It's a comprehensive send and return list to work with and I struck few, if any issues with it. The whole process was 1) Customer checked out >> redirect to PP >> 2) log at Paypal. 3) PAY NOW >> redirect to site >> Thank you for your order. Not one button or screen more. End of story. (caveat: I evaluated CC and chose not to go with it partly due to these issues but also because it lacked a key feature I couldn't find in any modules/extensions. The work done and being done by the CC crew is exemplary and their willingness to listen to feedback is a big +1)
  5. Sorry. I'm old fashioned. I don't have an account mate. Github to me is where silly old geezers get together. Got a tmp pull point here somewhere?
  6. Thx Al for the heads up. As a developer I understand the difficulty in tracking "elusives" - part of the reason I've come to CCC, to move away from people not committed financially to their carts success. Unfortunately I can't subscribe you to ftp access due to the nature of data serverside but I am more than willing to try the 1.5.8 update. My setup is clean and pretty well unpopulated so a good candidate perhaps? I'll send a ticket.
  7. I concur. Have been running Zencart for nearly 2 years and was happyish but lack of proper Australia Post module required some hard hacks making upgrading difficult (no, make that nigh on impossible). For mine, several other "free" software options have been tested until I finally bit the bullet on this. I have 5 key evaluation points and this has passed 3 of them in less than 24 hours. Yippee!! Eval Point #1 - Was really excited to see the ability to have product volume discounting assigned to my retailers so I could transfer my wholesale ordering over to CC as well. (That's where 90% of my sales are!) Eval Point #2 - Was dissappointed initially not all Aus Post options were available but happy enough that I was able to configure in more options - and it works - well I might add!! Even when AP change their rates (again!!) it's a 2 minute job to fix. Eval Point #3 - Admin configure. Wife hopeless at core but OK to manage products/orders - able to lock her out of the nitty gritty Eval Point #4 - Category discounting. Haven't tackled this yet and can't see how but I suspect it's doable - module even? Eval Point #5 - Paypal, COD and invoicing. COD and invoicing seem really good. Paypal - fail atm. The PP Std checkout process is odd (no, really, it is!) and ofc, this plugin issue is a site killer. And yes, no product details are showing at Paypal although I noticed the movie shows same screen. Not sure whey this was done but customers want to SEE what they're buying before commit and *neither* option has it. This needs work me thinks. Paypal has the vars, just need to populate them. Coding #101, never configure for system, configure for user. Atm, I'm sitting twiddling thumbs and not willing to proceed with dev until this has some priority attached - and fixed. Patience is not my best attribute when I'm committed to progress and results. That's my age showing
  8. Just adding to this thread that I have exact same issue on brand new install with no code changed anywhere. Thought issue might be return Paypal IPN URL setting in Paypal today (as I am changing eCommerce solutions it was set to previous site), did a transaction... held my breath and.....nope. Still no go. Not prepared at this stage to offer free access to my server due to a lot of confidential stuff on it so will have to watch and hope for a fix. Paypal STD does work although putting customers through hoops to get back to main screen is, to put it mildly, bloody annoying. Have tried 4 different eCommerce solutions last 2 weeks and Cubecart is only one with strange (read - unintuitive) Paypal exit behaviour. Really need a direct Pay Now >> IPN handler here - as is "normal" practise. Also keen to see order in Paypal summary - as per "normal" Paypal process. I'll keep hacking away, something will turn up, I'm sure.
  9. Of value maybe. Headers after callback from Paypal. http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/ecommerce/index.php?_a=confirm&token=EC-2MT57486BR130502B&PayerID=xxxxxxxxx Response Headers Connection close Content-Encoding gzip Content-Type text/html; charset=UTF-8 Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 06:45:07 GMT P3P CP="NOI ADM DEV PSAi COM NAV OUR OTRo STP IND DEM" Server Apache Set-Cookie PHPSESSID=2a08751d3f617c2a75bf33753cb21d3d; expires=Tue, 04-Feb-2014 07:45:07 GMT; path=/; httponly Transfer-Encoding chunked Vary Accept-Encoding X-Frame-Options SAME-ORIGIN X-Powered-By PHP/5.3.28 Request Headers Accept text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,;q=0.8 Accept-Encoding gzip, deflate Accept-Language en-US,en;q=0.5 Connection keep-alive Cookie d2cbd34e18ed49ff98c9b105647db9e5=IT5x1GzrOH7EGnA2vA8cai40gJYvxclB%2F1nEAxu0RU4i%2BjrAq4eGTwSlYj6NiafTFCh6fg0qGsxrhWQ7tO6jGJmbbAdWzWwgV6DG0AD1xCn04kz7RhGSK3ds9Q5lFOy10qhsMOKQKxMFkUd1fLrHPWMJXimRRnlFXVmtf%2Bh0Ek83UJPMUAfhxkH0bzRX82qWX9GgjzKAMFkTBkmOsoZZTwTxP3gdPP42fXmHVrFqNpfeEOCEvf0eeavqZ%2BAp8BiQPzIYa657R0r8s9TquvQVm0BtLRO7DUtHkMkSIlAbPtinMC1oabRkICixB0hHEzP3Y83Gdz%2Br5Ad4AhVIs%2FN6Ryo8CXLOc0khGKcPmz2XTQ2KwJtVQshcwt6GyVrs%2FmPsEp6Z6CGrWwSH13UcOy4WmXA0nVOutHF5xvPBer9kXU%2Fhx6F1IvIwM7L8fwDvET1XkSCMFYdQX%2Bmb%2BTwmiXakTHsX9EFEHrkLr%2BnYH3aw3skYjkQ6O9MgzLq1WDPW9D2hxiLDZ8%2BVoBOE9R%2Bar8nvj4w3ysj5fwpwTmSsf3o3B26pO9f%2F4mbzANSqrZF6nyJR2kLYt9e2w%2B9jUviNBEq5HO7%2Fgkxz5HaKCKfbvkxdZ74%3D000457; 5a2c67b4928ffe5745bb882ad7942d17=egeVlao3lb%2BTic3pBAW5UMeW1QTpPPhtrPfmaTHkrQdn05TqL5umlHe%2FZZJKyhmSxPtjQgVXXzpKKWDwm%2Fw2PlqX3CyQBhWghoFY729V3hkgC77GxWiDTfWhJQqKS9%2Bk6Qha2SLBDvoj9Dvbquhp2vMBtYwmnw9DJxLBFb%2BUEhDwZrMjP7PbLx4N%2FKygPV0U3sW2y%2FpG5jDZnJeGsf6a%2FDdKRxLX5EcFQNqtlKASqUDWLE87qZjlz%2Bg5TFNcrF748iY0aQufgKylIORDlLY0S6%2BDifctp0TMHLSQu5mrWDhyyelIId%2FpYOdY3a012XyQZ9gIaiyL6OdgBVNIJyKDhfrg1MlgSFUV4UFxgvvG%2FPQNEA%2B0TtwhFH9crbOuAbbK%2BwWnCu9mGLpxzUy02TmtYNUdzLKDtwTN8Gis4g5bMszQZxQjqyxd7CrVlpF2uhIoBrd856rfEfF5k7MGsXiz6g%3D%3D000343; 5a2c67b4928ffe5745bb882ad7942d17=egeVlao3lb%2BTic3pBAW5UMeW1QTpPPhtrPfmaTHkrQdn05TqL5umlHe%2FZZJKyhmSxPtjQgVXXzpKKWDwm%2Fw2PlqX3CyQBhWghoFY729V3hkgC77GxWiDTfWhJQqKS9%2Bk6Qha2SLBDvoj9Dvbquhp2pU3SCpdfCGmZNiXqyXgFX0ihYfyMKxtg6xqhVt1S5A4000134; language=en; currency=USD; PHPSESSID=2a08751d3f617c2a75bf33753cb21d3d Host www.xxxxxxxxxxxx.com User-Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:26.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/26.0
  10. Running firebug with firefox so can provide most, if not all of all the details you need. You will need to be specific as the amount of outbound and inbound data here is mind boggling and I'm at a loss for what you need. (It's been many years since I was 6 miles deep in headers/functions/compilers so you'll need to humour me while I try hard to sound like an expert again ) As an aside.... Noticed on piece of cookie data after logging in where currency=USD when I am set as AU. Relevant? Probably not? username=BBDTest2%40test.com; language=en; currency=USD; PHPSESSID=225eac7db7904679636d60214519aa39 Also, please, correct me if I am wrong, isn't PHPSID supposed to remain until browser is closed/site changed? I do recall only setting session_start() on site load iff a session_id did not exist. Just noticed it dropped the sessionid off the header when I logged out and reinstalled a new sid on login. Also & showing on return URL from Paypal which I think has already been mentioned. Not meaning to add problems or red herrings, hoping to substract them
  11. As a brand new Cubecart user (just paid today as a matter of fact) this was the first issue I struck (and the paypal plugin was the reason I bought it as a matter of record). Using Google Chrome. Customer is logged in. Quick checkout Paypal sandbox (btw, no product/order showing in Paypal - order showed fine in gateway mode) Come back to site and I'm *logged out* Admin shows order was made and is pending (pending is a sandbox quirk apparently so no issue - I think) Relog as customer, order is showing as pending Make effort to "complete payment" Go through exact same process, same result......and I now have 2 orders Site is Australian. All settings for Australia. Paypal Gateway worked OK (except no order details?!) but it DID work. Bit disappointed to say the least. Any word on solution here? EDIT: Just tested with Firefox, same issue. TOKEN changed is all. Also tested through cart/paypal instead of quick checkout and same result.
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