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  1. Thank you very much for your help and patience. (Previous post edited - thanks, I missed that one.) I have done as you suggested, been through the entire back-end looking for and changing references and it seems to be working correctly. I noticed the entries changed in the PHP Variables Table when logging in under tasgingerbread.com/admin_#.php I will monitor the situation and see if the solution persists. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate your support and CubeCart. Cheers, Tone.
  2. $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] ontas.net $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] https://ontas.net/storetgb/admin_#####.php?_g=phpinfo $_SERVER['HTTP_SEC_FETCH_SITE'] same-origin $_SERVER['HTTP_SEC_FETCH_MODE'] navigate $_SERVER['HTTP_SEC_FETCH_USER'] ?1 $_SERVER['HTTP_SEC_FETCH_DEST'] document $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] /home2/abcedgec/public_html $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] $_SERVER['REMOTE_PORT'] 56760 $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ontas.net $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] /storetgb/admin_########.php?_g=phpinfo Last one I changed #### Is this what you mean? I'm off to work so wont respond for a while now.
  3. Contents of /includes/global.inc.php. <?php $glob['adminFile'] = 'admin_######.php'; $glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin_######'; $glob['dbdatabase'] = '###edge#_storegb'; $glob['dbhost'] = 'localhost'; $glob['dbpassword'] = '#######'; $glob['dbprefix'] = 'eui_'; $glob['dbusername'] = '###edge#_storegb'; $glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube'; $glob['installed'] = '1'; $glob['install_source'] = 'softaculous'; $glob['cache'] = 'file'; ?> (I changed some characters to ## before posting for security.) I am using 6.4.4 but it was doing it on the previous version also. I checked .htaccess, no direct reference to storetgb in there. The ini.inc.php code you refer to is from line 197: // Automatically detect and assign the store url, and root relative path $server_name = (!empty($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])) ? strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) : strtolower($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']); $server_port = (!empty($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'])) ? (int) $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] : 80; $script_name = (isset($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) && !empty($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])) ? $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] : $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $script_name = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9-_.~\/]/i', '', $script_name); $script_path = trim(dirname($script_name)); $script_path = str_replace('\\', '/', $script_path); $script_path = preg_replace('#[\\\\/]{2,}#', '/', $script_path); $url = (CC_SSL ? 'https://' : 'http://') . $server_name . $script_path; $url = filter_var($url, FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING); It's not the inclusion of dirname in bold above is it? In PHP info I found this under "Session" section: session.cookie_domain .ontas.net session.cookie_path /storetgb Under the "PHP variables" section the reference to links is to /storetgb/admin_########.php The Documents\>>View Basket URL is: https://ontas.net/storetgb/index.php?_a=basket I don't remember customising it. Thanks for your response and help.
  4. Hi I am getting an intermittent "404 - Page Not Found" error, it seems to affect all browsers and platforms at times and other times it works fine. When accessing the store via our domain name - tasgingerbread.com, occasionally navigating the side bar, it will insert /storetgb (the root folder the store is located) into the url. EG, instead of https://tasgingerbread.com/original-recipe/christmas.html it will use https://tasgingerbread.com/storetgb/original-recipe/christmas.html resulting in the 404 error. The location on the server is https://ontas.net/storetgb/index.php When the error occurs and you click on "Homepage" in the left menu, it reverts to the ontas URL, then works fine. (I have changed the 404 error message to direct visitors, but that's not ideal). Clearing the cache seems to fix it, though only temporarily, even though we've changed nothing in admin. I'm not sure if it is a problem with my CubeCart configuration or my domain name setup. I have the Domain pointing at my hosting nameservers, and in cPanel: Addon Domains Document Root ▾ Subdomain Redirects to tasgingerbread.com /public_html/storetgb tasgingerbread not redirected Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Cheers, Tone.
  5. Rather than start a new thread, I'll post my related issue here first in hope of a response. I became aware of an issue today which appears to be a problem with the AusPost 1.0.0 shipping Extension, though up until now it has been working great! A customer contacted us as the shipping option (pulldown) wasn't showing in the basket - the store is tasgingerbread.com Upon investigating, Dashboard > Manage Extensions > AusPost ... above the "Allowed Zones" tab is a 1 in a red circle. When I delete the Enabled Regions - Australia (the only region) and save, the red 1 goes away, but the pulldown still doesn't show in the cart. On adding Aust as the zone again, the red 1 appears again. I have no Disabled Zones set. I also have the Free Shipping Extension enabled with $30 min purchase and that is working as it should. I updated to the latest version of CubeCart 6.2.9, that did not resolve the issue. I have tested going through the checkout to Payment method an it still doesn't show up. Nothing is showing in the Admin or System Error Logs. I am using the Kurouto skin if that is relevant. Thanks in advance for any help Cheers, Tone.
  6. The additional code for skype is added automatically (by CubeCart?) whenever I insert the phone number - using the dashboard - whether I use brackets around (03) or not. If I then go into the source code and delete the skype code, when I save the document, the code gets automatically inserted again. When ever I add formatting (bold/size) to the phone number the page no longer appears. It seems I either have to have NO phone number on the home page, or an unformatted phone number on the homepage for it to work. I might be able to get around it by downloading the file (FTP) and editing it in Dreamweaver instead of through the CC admin interface. Bit of a pain when ever I want to change it. I don't have time right now to try it, it's working but I'll look into it further next week. Thanks for your reply bsmither
  7. Wierd, tracked it down the the phone number!! When putting a phone number on the homepage it automatically inserts skype code. If you put any formatting on the number (bold/size) the page fails!!! tasgingerbread.com
  8. Hi, Recently went live with my cubecart store after testing it for months with no problems. Without changing anything, it now displays absolutely nothing - blank page - when typing in the home URL. I can access other parts/pages of the site and they appear fine. This is very frustrating just days after launch. Base URL: http://ontas.net/storetgb One of the pages visible: http://ontas.net/storetgb/product-info.html Contents of index.php on site root: <?php require dirname(__FILE__).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'ini.inc.php'; define('CC_IN_ADMIN', false); header('X-Frame-Options: SAME-ORIGIN'); // do not allow iframes global $config_default; include CC_ROOT_DIR.CC_DS.'controllers'.CC_DS.'controller.master.inc.php'; Admin panel is working fine, as does the rest of the site appear to. "Document" for home page is checked and has the same contents as previously worked. Any ideas? Any more information required please ask.
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