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  1. Very useful plugin, but it would be good if the search also included the Notes section...
  2. I have used Daren for a number of years and found his service exemplary in the past , but have been unable to get a response to any of the 5 emails I've sent him since the beginning of May.. Can anyone offer any information as to his situation?
  3. I use manufactures model numbers like eps23cs , which are sometimes recorded on other sites and literature as eps 23c , eps 23 , eps-23c , eps 23cs etc , but the cc5 search only will hit on a full match as entered .. There are too many products to edit all the entries to include all the possible permutations in the description but , as even eps scores no hits and may discourage potential buyers.. I am sure CC4 would search on 3 characters and give a number of hits, better that than none! Is there a way of implementing something on the lines of an Ebay type search which would provide more hits?
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