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  1. Final update as I have solved the issues I was having. Basically, when migrating the SQL tables a number of tables did not preserve their indexes correctly and lost their auto_increment values, resulting in a lot of new data that has been added since migration having the ID as 0. I manually repaired the ID values in the effected tables and corrected all the table structures to correctly auto_increment the correct columns and everything seems to have returned to normal. Lesson learned - Don't let people rush you when you're working, or you'll make stupid and very avoidable mistakes.
  2. As a follow up, I have fixed the error relating to the categories not being updated by correcting some SQL issues. This was resolved by changing the erroneous PRIMARY attribute in the database to be a non-unique index and the categories are being updated correctly. I will leave this here for reference in case it helps someone in the future. I have checked through the database structure for other incorrect values and I am still having the issues with the tax not correctly being added. Attached is an image showing how the tax is being displayed in the order. Thanks, Matt
  3. Hello again, i'm having a strange issue with the admin panel on my website since updating to the latest Cubecart V6 from an older V5 website. Since updating, various pages in the admin panel will no longer submit changes permanently. The issues we have come across so far are: When manually adding an order through the admin panel and clicking "Save" or "Save and reload", the added order will not save the VAT value but will still add the value to the total of the order. When manually adding an order and again saving the order, the order will occasionally lose one of our line i
  4. Hi bsmither, thank you for your reply, this has solved the issue for me. I will update my sig for future reference. Regards, Matt
  5. Hi, i've recently upgraded an old website to the latest release and i'm getting a strange issue with a string of characters being output before the website content. Is there anything that could be causing this? The string is the same one every time, and it's being output immediately before any other data. There are no PHP errors showing up. Here is an example of how it displays inside the source code: �^��QI:�Y%<!DOCTYPE html> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" dir="ltr" lang="en-GB">
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