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  1. did that already, didn't work. The strangest thing is that on live site, I cloned for testing, there isn't a single config.xml file - in any of the skins, not custom not default
  2. ok, when I remove cloned skins folder and put back default skins folder it works with default skins. But when I copy my custom theme and put config.xml in it, I see skin in backend but got blank screen at the frontend.
  3. I tried 755 and 777 nothing. Also I noticed that config.xml file is not present in any of available skin folders. But that was a case in live site - so everything is the same now as with live site
  4. I did, and in the admin dashboard now, in layout settings >>skin settings>>frontend there is no available skins
  5. hello, I have copied my site, to dev folder to see how it will work after upgrade. Now, after I upgraded to latest version, I have lost my settings. How can I bring back my custom theme and all the settings to upgraded site? thank you
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