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  1. That is correct. The frame is there but the file picker is not there. The digital tab does not either. There is not even a structure of a file picker just an empty white box. Yes the CubeCart_filemanager database is empty. I will perform the rebuild and will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help. I performed the Update File List. Fortunately I can see these files. I just cannot see the files on the product add\edit images tab screen. I attached some screen captures. CubeCart.docx
  2. My CubeCart_filemanager table is empty so there are no filepath fields with values to set to Null. I'm trying to figure out why my Dashboard > Products > Images tab is not displaying the file manager view. Perhaps this is why, but how do I get them back? I can see all the images in the Image Filemanager but that doesn't help me relate the image to the product. Thanks for any help.
  3. Nice. That's what it was. A corrupt sessions table. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hello -- I am administering a cubecart 5.2.8 shopping cart. Two days ago, after making no changes to the site, the login features does not allow customers to login. After signing in with a valid username and password the site just returns to the login page. I have tried to register with a new account and the database receives the new customer information but redirects to the login page without setting the values of the customer. This seems to me to be a cookie issue but I do not know how to test it. I searched the forum and found another member with a similar issue but I'm not sure I understood the solution. Anyone have this happen recently in this version? Thank you for your help.
  5. Thanks for the tip. Well I guess my problem was the opposite. There was no T&C selected and therefore when I selected a document, saved it, the registration started working. So if there is a bug in the software I believe it's fixed. Thanks again.
  6. Recently my website stopped allowing users to register. I am running CubeCart 5.2.8. I was hoping when I upgraded it would fix things but it has not. The error received is below. --- The following errors were detected: Please agree to the Terms & Conditions. --- There is no box to agree to the T&Cs. How do I add the check box for agreeing to the T&Cs? Thanks for your help!
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