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  1. The Backup is on a TAR/GZ archive 958 MB big . Which files i have to pick from inside and where they are located ? At the time he show me only (Not Found) because i don't have uploaded the backup correctly , and i haven't installed something.
  2. Hello Members I' hope my english is understandable I have a full site Backup of my cubecart eshop , I do not know which version but the (PRO).. My question is : Can i restore the shop only with a full site Backup ? If yes , can someone give me a Tutorial ? I have found only this : http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/17022-quick-tutorial-on-how-to-back-up-and-restore-db/ It will be very nice if someone have a video for me . I will only restore the shop under a new domain and server and then make some changes , the only thing i can't do is to bring it again alive ! I have ask a technician for Help and he want from me 1080$ only for this ! Regards and Thanks in Advance
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