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  1. There have been multiple posts from people in this community who have simply removed this and it worked for them, so maybe you havent followed the instructions correctly ? Removing the link back to CubeCart is now your right if you wish to do so but dont think it makes any difference at all as to whether hackers can identify your site as running CubeCart - that is a very easy thing to do. There are many things you can do to make your site more secure (which almost nobody does !) but this isnt one of them. Also, most people are happy (actually expect) a product to be further developed and dont object to there being upgrades. However, if you want to stay on exactly the version you purchased then you didnt need to upgrade. I think your legal department may have laughed at you over such a trivial issue as it certainly isnt a legal matter but also threatening legal action quickly like that is never a good way to endear yourself to developers or a community who are trying to help ! More importantly, as Al pointed out, you have a number of technical support tickets available to you (you probably did not register which is why you only saw the sales dept) but even if you had had none left, paid support is available and if a genuine bug is identified, then the support ticket has always been credited back in the past Ian I think you didn't read my post well. It was not me who threatening legal actions, it was my boss (tne board) who did this. Further on I think your comments are not nice and surely not to the point. Things are fixed now and thanks for your comments, but no thanks. I see you are the moderator here, Well userfriendly you are not. For me reason to leave here. Ik will inform Al about this. For you information, I don't know your age, but I came back from the US to the Netherlands in the '60 with the first uP from Intel (4004) and since then this is my field. SO threat me nog as an idiot sir. Adrian
  2. After changing this all again and rebuilding the cache, no results. CC still there. Ad
  3. I edited the main.php in the basic skin Kuo**** and in the mobile skin. Also tried to remove ccpower.php but then nothing worked anymore. Afterwards I restored the originals back so you did see. I also tried to to use the // for making the line a remark. Thanks Ad
  4. Great ! So I have to pay for solving their problem? So how does that work ? Adrian Your account has 5 tech support credits. Please register "[email protected]" (cencored) at https://support.cubecart.com and you will have access. Just found out. Couldn't place a ticket to technical so I choose sales instead. Hope they will read it all. thanks Al
  5. Great ! So I have to pay for solving their problem? So how does that work ? Adrian
  6. I did all the suggestions published in here, no results and the cc line is still there. My board asked me to take action today so I need any more info please. We bought the product in october 2014 together with the separate removal key. The board overhere don't want links to the source for obvious reason (hacking) so therefore I had to order CubeCart. Now they are very disappointed that the programm is changed to a functional different product we bought. So for me, if things are not changed tomorrow, they will bring it to our legal department. For me I like to keep this script while I put a lot of effort in creating the shop. Thanks, Adrian ----- Royal Dutch Society for Genealogy and Heraldry
  7. @Dirty Butter I can make the size the same as the example logo. I need to put the name of the webshop at the righthand from the logo. In the vBulletin 4.0 which will be the base of the site I can put the name in a variable. This variable is in the header script with a condition. Empty variable will result in no tekst in the header. So the best for me is logo with separate name aside. Thanks for your info
  8. @bsmither Thanks for the prompt answers. I will go into it tomorrow. I need to put the name of the society on the right side of the log. I will get my PHP Editor from a dusty place. Greetings Ad
  9. Hi friends, Today I received the Pro Key and the copyright remove key, so for me this is 'Take Off' time. For the moment I have 2 small questions; 1. Is there a documentation file available which explains some deeper functions of the script ? 2. Where can I change teh header of the homepage (c.q. productpages). Everybody over here likes the programm and now they are pushing me to finish this quick :-) Thanks for the help Our society you will find here www.knggw.nl and the shop under construction here www.knggw.net/ws3/
  10. Thanks guys for the prompt answers. It works in the lite version so it will also in the Pro :-) This weekend is the boardmeeting and I will ask permission to buy the Pro. I'm still puzzled for the digital downloads and will go further after receiving the Pro licence. Many Thanks from rainy Hilversum, The Netherlands You are all topz! bsmither I have registred on your board. I will look into it after receving the Pro license Thanks Ad
  11. Hi there, At first I like to mention that I'm a rookie for Cubecart and therefore can ask stupid question, Secondly I'm Dutch so my English is not the very best. The problem I'm walking in, is to have a secundary pricelist per product. The reason for this comes from our two pricings,' member' and 'no member' prices. We are not a company, we are a society namely "Royal Dutch Society for Genealogy and Heraldry". We are publishing al lot of books writen by our members. At this moment we have a (sort of) webshop on the website, but the increase of sales make us need a professional webshop. As member of the board I'm responsable for all technical sollutions and I found Cubecart by Google. I think that yur product will solve 90% of our wishes. So if we can tackle the pricelist problem then we are on the good track. The best way for us should be a double pricelist linked to the user profile as 'member' and 'no member' Hope you have a nice sollution fot this. Hope yoyu can follow my 'Dutch Cheesehead' explanation. Look for who we are at www.knggw.nl Thanks for the help Ad Bakker
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