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  1. When I upgraded from v5 to v6 I've lost part of the skin template on my site and I'm not sure why.. It's the only thing I've seen thus far that isn't working so I'm confused as to why it's not working anymore.. Below is the script I was/am using. However the links are not even showing on the site anymore, it's not even in the script and from what I'm seeing it's pulling from a different file than the previous one? Any help could be great! <<< ----- main.php file ----- >>> <div class="u3"> <b> <font face="Open Sans Condensed" size="4">Additional Links </b></font><hr> {if !$CONFIG.disable_mobile_skin} <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=3">Terms & Conditions</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=4">Privacy Statement</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=12">Tundra Valley Careers</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=contact">Contact Us</a><br /> {/if} </div>
  2. I'm trying to reinstall 5.2 on my webserver, however when I go to the setup link and start the install, it stalls out at 20%.. Is there a way to fix this? Is it maybe a bad download? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you! Nevermind.... I'm just being incredibly stupid >.> I figured it out..
  3. I'm working on putting the meta title/description/keywords into the databases for my pages. However in the admin section under store settings > search engine, there is meta information. Which page does this information show for? The main page or every page on the site? Also, there is an option below it for Global Meta Data Behaviour with disable/merge/replace. What does this mean? Thank!
  4. Storefront sorry.. Yea it keeps doing it regardless of what I'm using
  5. Everytime I go to my site I get pushed to the login screen. Without fail, even with direct links to other pages. I'm assuming this is a cookie that remembers my login and wants me to just sign in. It's annoying. How do I disable this feature? Thanks
  6. That would be nice, but it's illegal to charge county rates to non county residents here *edited
  7. Nevermind.. I figured out what I was doing wrong and everything is working the way it should be
  8. Does anyone know if CubeCart or anyone else has a tax module that will support County taxes? Or taxes by zipcode?
  9. I'm having an issue with the built in tax module. I'm placing the State tax rate at .029 for Colorado. When I get to check out, it shows 3% (think it should show 2.9% like it's supposed to but whatever) but it's charging it at .0003%. So a $100 total is showing up at 3 cents tax not 3 dollars. I've deleted the rule and replaced it and I'm still getting the same result. How do I correct this?
  10. I have noticed when I'm on my category pages it randomly changes the position of items. This is really annoying and I thought I'd found a way before to change the default view but I can't seem to remember now. Does anyone know how to change that? I'm trying to get it to show the latest item(s) first.. Thank you!
  11. Note to self.. If messing around with code, keep an original.. *sigh* lol

  12. Yea, it was right was just capitalized cause I forgot I was editing my T&C. Thank you for the info!
  13. How do I unblock a locked account? I managed to lock myself out of my own store (lol) by forgetting I had the caps lock on. Now this is not my admin login, this is a customer account I created to test things. That being said, I was blocked from accessing it. I could not find anywhere how to unblock my account (or anyone elses for that matter). I tried to create another account and it blocked the creation of that as well (givenly) but than created it after I had to go in and delete the user.class.php file after 15 minutes of not allowing me to sign in. Not sure why it held onto that information if it was blocked from creating it.
  14. It goes down like if you would have used a CC.
  15. Keeping in mind that you'll find them in the Gift Certificate tab in the Coupons section, however you will not be able to look up the sale because it technically didn't happen.
  16. You're absolutely right.. Thank you for catching that! Was able to easily correct it by updating the order_id column on the CSV file with it's own id numbers (I used 15000-15024) and it holds balances in test purchases.
  17. Thank you for telling me about the dummy order. I finished my project in about 5 minutes after reading this. All I did was exported the GC column to a CSV file and replicated the columns that were the same, captured some of noodles codes (thank you by the way) and re-uploaded it. Tell you the truth, you don't even need a dummy order either. You can actually manually input a GC into the database, download the CSV file and replicate the rest of them. Someone should put that into the KB lol -- But everything is set, everything works and I thank you all for the help!
  18. Yea, I meant to say aren't.. Thank you! I'd even been in there but didn't think it was right. I appreciate your help!
  19. Ok? Where is it stored? That is the information I've been trying to find.. I know GCs are use it or lose it, never thought they were..
  20. I am sending you a message under the original support ticket regarding another module you have
  21. One of those weeks.... LoL I would appreciate it, already crawling your site going "oh I want that" .. "OH I WANT THAT, and THAT, and THAT!"
  22. Right, however I have never seen any coupons that you can use portions of them until they use the discounted amount like the example I quoted above. I give you a coupon for $100 and you use $40, would it not delete the remaining $60? Multiple use would allow them to use the discount x amount of times. At least the way I understand it
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