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  1. The_4wd_Zone

    Issues with Embedding Youtube Vids

    Hi bsmither, I wasnt doing that, i was just copying the pre-written code from Youtube and pasting it into the description box. Is source mode turned on and off using the source button at the top left of the box? Matt
  2. The_4wd_Zone

    Issues with Embedding Youtube Vids

    Ok, i've got it working, not really sure why but it doesnt seem to work when I update the product and click save. If I click 'save and reload' and then click 'save' it seems to work.
  3. Hi, Im slowly adding products to my store. For many of them the manufacturer has made demo videos and uploaded them to youtube. I have been using the embedded code that Youtube provides and this works for some however does not for others. If the video's are under 1-2mins they seem to work fine however if they are longer when i enter the code and save it and view the product online all that displays is the code. Is there a maximum length or size or something I can change anywhere? Thanks, matt