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  1. OK this fixed my issues, I am on stock 6.0.6 and searching for products codes with hyphens in now works! I am very happy, one more issue off my list. I don't know about the problems with word ordering however...
  2. I see there is a fix in 6.0.6 for the search, does this fix the issue with products with a hyphen? Issue #599: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/599 Also, be aware that 6.0.6 update will replace the catalogue.class.php file so you will lose any changes you made with bsmithers fix.
  3. Sorry for revisiting this again. It seems like I could fix the search when product codes contain a hypen, by doing a search in boolean mode as per http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5192499/how-to-allow-fulltext-searching-with-hyphens-in-the-search-query So if I can do the search like this: SELECT * FROM your_table_name WHERE MATCH (your_table_column_name) AGAINST ('"SQL-MySQL"' IN BOOLEAN MODE) Is it possible to modify the search query to work like this?
  4. I have a lot of issues with the search function as well. My product codes all have a hypen in, and if you search using a product code, nothing is returned. This makes it pretty useless, since they are technical items and most people will use the product code.
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