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  1. Hi DB It is set to disabled, but also I cannot change that setting, it goes back to disabled.
  2. As title, when I try and change this, I edit the text, click on save, it says that the settings have been updated, but the change is lost and the text goes back to how it was before. I can't see where this is stored in the database. Any idea what the problem is? Thanks
  3. I am not sure it is, I have a test server and have found that it misses the exact same images from that environment as well. I don't think that it is to do with the images either, as some of them are identical to other ones which are added, they just have a different name.
  4. OK been messing with this a bit more. Personally I have found: - Adding files in bulk via FTP is OK, but you have to click on 'update file list' when done, which bsmithers does not recommend. However I have not had issues with this so far. - But, only about 50% of the images are added. Therefore, when done, I have to add each missing image invividually using admin, and then they are added to the file list. So I am having to manually correct products on my site using this method. Seems to be working OK so far. I have no idea if it is because I have a lot of images, or if they are in folders, or what. But when update file list misses items, they are added fine to the database when adding them individually.
  5. OK found this, pretty easy, just change this in content_homepage and content_category: <h3><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name|truncate:100:"&hellip;"}</a></h3>
  6. Hi all I am getting the title of products truncated in grid view and on the home page (latest products). See attached image for an example, this is foundation tweaked a bit. I need to show more of the text, which I already made smaller. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks
  7. HOLD YOUR HORSES!! I spoke too soon. I just found an issue with the file list update feature. I realised that it is not adding ALL of the images to the filemanager! I have 19,000 images. I can see that images that are there and are fine, are not being added when updating the file list. I have only 9000 in the filemanager table, so it is doing about half of them! I have attached a screenshot - on the right is the FTP view, I can see the 4 files ending 452xxx and on the right you can see there are only 2 in filemanager. I do not know if it is because I have so many, or because I am using folders or what. Also, you could just move the files using FTP, and then update the file list, but backup first in case you have the issue that bsmither mentioned! Also, you can upload into a folder from Images, rather than on the product itself. But basically, it seems that there are major issues with the filemanager, I may need to see if I can update the table directly myself, since CC is not doing a good job of it.
  8. Hey DB, yes it does default but the list view is looking a bit odd, e.g. if I click on glass it initially shows as list view, then click on grid and grid looks fine, but then if I click on list again it shows as a grid but with very tiny images.
  9. Sorry for resurecting this post, but just to confirm the first part of this question, I have several thousand images on v 6.05 and they are all organised in folders (by manufacturer names) and it all works fine. It would be unmanageable if they were all in the root folder.
  10. Did some more tests last night, added several images manually and updated the file list. Still had no issues with file_ids being changed. The new images (whih are in folders among other existing images) are added to the end of the table. So it is not rebuilding the whole thing for me. If this ever happens, what I will have to do is truncate the whole image_index table, and then my import script will rebuild it, since my products all have a image file name associated, so I can use a join to populate the image_index. But I would loose any images I had added manually, and would have to redo all of those again, which would be a massive hassle.
  11. OK, I will test the crap out of this and see if it surfaces. I am hoping it is fixed! If we can reproduce it then maybe we can submit a bug report.
  12. So I am not seeing any issues with this function. I tried the following: - Adding a new image by uploading one, doing a rebuild - Adding a new image directly into the source folder, and doing a rebuild In both these cases, the new images are added to the end of the table, i.e. have the last file_ids. My products all look fine, both automatically and manually added. This would seem to indicate that it is not doing a rebuild, it is just finding new files and doing an update. I don't see the file_ids change. Also what I don't understand is, why would the rebuild truncate the entire table and set all new ids? This would cause the image_index folder to be wrong, and then all products would have the wrong image. How would it know how to then populate the image_index table again? This doesn't make sense to me. Incidentally, from a UI perspective, it is a bit odd to have a tab that is actually a button in disguise, especially if it can cause issues with no warning!
  13. Hmmm well I just tried it and it didn't seem to break anything. But I need to do some more testing as this could cause me serious issues!
  14. Hi bsmither Thanks. I need to be able to do this, because when new images are added automatically (and I have several thousand organised in folders) I need them to show up on products in the inventory, again automatically. So, occasionally, say once a week, I will need to update filemanager and image_index in case new images have been imported. What I already do is populate the image_index table based on the file_ids in the filemanager. So it wouldn't matter if the file_ids changed, if it wasn't for the fact that I am actually doing an update on duplicate values based on a unique index created from product_id and file_id in the image index. So I may end up with 2 images if I click on the button again...I need to test this. I could truncate the whole image_index first, but this means that I couldn't add any products manually using admin as they would be wiped out, and I want to be able to do this. So not sure what my next move is here...maybe I can manually populate the filemanager as well, only adding new rows rather than truncating the table? And never use the Update File List button. Incidentally, since file_id in filemanager is AUTO INCREMENT, how is it being wiped? I guess the routine is truncating the table, rather than doing an update?
  15. Hi DB Did you manage to do this? I also want to set grid view as default, it is much better when there are a lot of products in the store. Thanks
  16. Hi all! I have a question about the images and filemanager. I have a routine that downloads images via FTP, and puts them all into folders in the /images/source folder. It then adds all the image IDs to the products using some joins. This all works fine. However, when new images are added. they do not appear in the filemanager table, and consequently I cannot assign them to products, until I go into the admin site and click on 'Update file list'. This is not ideal, because it means I have to do something, and of course I want to do as little as possible! New products will be missing images until this is done. So, my questions are: 1. Is the filemanager updated automatically according to some schedule? 2. How can I run it from my php scripts once images are downloaded? Thanks
  17. Wow, thanks bsmither, very useful! Have a bit of a back log of stuff and the moment, but this is really helpful, thanks!
  18. Hi Ian We did speak on PM, but I started looking at this and realized that I would really need to know how this works and be able to modify it myself, as I would need to be in control and able to change it regularly. Therefore I basically learnt enough PHP and MySQL and wrote some pages which downloads and imports. Not a plugin but working well, taken a long time to get it where it is now, but about to go live. Took enough to get it working using straight php/mysql, I dread to think how long it would take to create it as a plugin! The format is also very specific to the one wholesaler I am using.
  19. Hi Havenswift, sorry didn't see this reply until now. No I don't need to turn it into a plugin, but it may be useful for others to do so one day. I might start with a small plugin with some basic functionality and see how it goes. Thanks
  20. Hi all I need to track the number of items in the inventory. I already have a new table which keeps a daily record, so now I need to show a chart with the numbers going back a couple of weeks or so. So I just need to chart the contents of a table. My question is, how does CC6 create the sales chart? Some pointers if possible, then I can implement for the inventory as well. Thanks
  21. Thanks bsmither that looks like it might do the job, I will check it out.
  22. OK I found what you meant, yes advanced search is very similar to the advanced search plugin. Neither are what I am after. I would like it to work as follows: - When browsing a category, there is a filter at the top. I either need to add a new drop down here for manufacturer, or have tick boxes in the sidebar to allow filtering by manufacturer. Users shouldn't have to do a search, they might just want to show all the products in the category by that manufacturer. Thanks for the help thus far, but it seems I might to code this myself. If anyone had any pointers it would be useful. Thanks
  23. OK, I just upgraded to 6.05. I have a modified version of foundation so just it to work in the default for now. Is there now an option to filter, if so, where is it? Thanks
  24. OK paid for the advanced search plugin and this is pretty useless in my opinion: - It adds a new search box. Why would you want to have 2 search boxes on the website? Confusing for users. - It shows ALL manufactures in the manufactures table, regardless of whether there are any products in the database from that manufacturer. It should only list items if there is actually a product. - It doesn't allow you to just filter on manufacturer. You have to do a search. What I need is a way to filter when in a category based on manufacturer, not do a whole search. Any ideas?
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