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  1. Thank you - appreciate the assistance.
  2. Ops - sorry I meant product_id
  3. Excellent - thank you. Followup - Looks like the inventory is straight forward, Decrement stock_level but the option_matrix appears to have records with the same product_code which are not accurate. Is it simply using product_code where the status = 1 to decrement that stock_level. I assume you need to do both since there are no trigger on the database tables.
  4. Creating a POS front end for an existing store. Does anyone have a document which shows which tables "must" be updated to maintain the stock levels. Appears after a 5 minute search to be Inventory AND option_matrix but was hoping someone had it already documented. Thank you
  5. Thanks for the replies - Will remove and clean. Thank you again.
  6. Using current version - have a hook snippet installed which I don't recognize. Hook into: controller.index Attached screen shot shows the snippet. Is this installed by default or is it malicious. Should be a simple yes/no but Tech Support refused to answer this simple question without paying them. Thank you.
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