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  1. Upgraded the site, will try the process again now. Yep, that fixed the issue. Thanks for the assistance Dirty.
  2. Yes, don't see anything about it in the DashBoard, but also submitted a ticket with SIteLock, Thank you.
  3. Have a site with several MySQL databases, one being a CubeCart store. When the MySQL dump files are being ftp'ed off site for storage, all are fine except the CubeCart store file which refuses to FTP, citing: put: Access failed: 550-Virus Detected and Removed: SiteLock-PHP-EVAL_REQUEST-cx.UNOFFICIAL store_20170312133901.sql: Operation not permitted Anyone know of any issues with CubeCart that would cause this behavior?
  4. 147 and yes I can see them in the Images tab of File Manager
  5. Sorry to piggyback on my own post, but is kinda related. Got the original issue fixed, but the images appear to no longer be linked to the products. They are in the store/images/source directory. Any way to re-lnk them?
  6. It looks identical except the last part (below). Still the same result. <FilesMatch "\.(gif|jpe?g|png|ico|css|js|svg)$"> ErrorDocument 404 "<html></html> </FilesMatch> Got it mod_rewrite issue. Thank you.
  7. Web site was hacked and all files deleted. Have backups of some files product images, etc. Database is intact. But when I reinstall and point to the database I get 404 page not found on files which appear to be catagories like store/jewelery.html and products like store/cct-flag.html - is there any way to rebuild these files?
  8. Disregard - I believe it was an error in my product data. Thank you.
  9. Is there any way to add the Order Summary to the receipts?
  10. Yes, paid for but customer wants to exchange for another item. I saw the adding adding an item in the Inventory Tab, but it was a "text field" so I assume it would not adjust inventory. Is that the case, so I'd need to adjust inventories manually?
  11. How do you "exchange" an item for an in progress order?
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