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  1. Thats whats weird. There isnt but there should be. Thats the last backup I did before i upgraded the files to the newest version
  2. Actually I run my own server I know its pushing enough memory. I figured it might be permissions and set full read and write on the files and folders and Im getting the same. It was throwing a couple of other similar errors but those were cleared with the permission changes Not sure what "wb" is? With regards to memory. Are you talking about the amount allocated by php
  3. I tried to to get the 6.0.11 update and it doesnt appear to be installing it. It goes to get the update and it looks like its working but it comes up to a blank white screen that I have to refresh. When I check the version its still on 6.0.10
  4. Got it thanks for the help. It was permissions on the cache dir Thank you sir
  5. Im not able to access the admin panel with MS Edge or Firefox. Telling me url not found /creations/admin/. I can access with safari on ipad and macbook but not with any other browser on any other computer or device. My iphone safari wont even bring it up.
  6. Ok thanks for the help. Ill look closer at the settings for my admin then. You are the man and Im not paying attention. Its there under "processing". Changed to pending and all is good now. Thank you
  7. No its my domain and not a free email. My domain is www.the-killians.com all of my mail is from my domain server ***@the-killians.com It seems like this is a trigger issue. No emails are being sent at all until the trigger "pending" is changed to "processing" when they should be sent when it is placed into "pending"
  8. Running the latest version. Almost everything is configured and running good now. The system takes the order but is not sending an email to the customer or the admin showing an order exists. I run my own domain and email server and all is configurd correctly in CC. I tested this and heres what Im finding. I generate a test order from a test user with a valid email I set up on the server. The order shows pending but no email is sent to the end customer or the admin. Now once I go into the order itself in CC I open the order and changing it from pending to processing and instantly both emails are sent to the admin for order notification and one is sent to the customer giving them the details and thanks. Is this a bug in the new version or something. Is there a way to fix this. Thanks
  9. Im pretty sure this is a cubecart mobile. Im still working on it but take a look at it in your mobile once. It says cubecart mobile. http://www.the-killians.com/creations
  10. Where is the css files for the mobile site in the latest version so I can get an image on it and maybe edit the colors etc?
  11. Any way to make categories within categories or sub-categories? Never mind I figured it out
  12. Ill bring the paypal tpl file into aptana studio and change it. Might take out that radio button and put in a dropdown select as well
  13. Thanks for the reply Al I actually need for her customers to be able to choose the payment method of paypal or cash on delivery. Its only giving one option of paypal and auto selecting it. You cant uncheck it.
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