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  1. Oh sorry -- no *documentation* I can find. I'm no expert -- more of an adjust-the-templates guy, but I'm having a lot of trouble with it so far. Anyway -- will go take this to the appropriate forum next.
  2. Fair enough, and yet there's really nothing that I can find. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Thanks, @bsmither! Moving the site is as easy as you describe. Right now, though I'm battling to integrate Stripe. Every time I try to make a charge, the checkout page dumbly reloads itself without an error message. I've been stuck here for a week and can't tell where the problem lies. It doesn't seem like the Stripe extension is working straight 'out of the box.' As far as I know, I've set up the account within the CubeCart settings and on Stripe.com but the logs on Stripe.com seem to indicate that none of the charge attempts from my site have even made it to Stripe. Any success stories with Stripe in CubeCart v6?
  4. Hi, all -- I searched the fora, but couldn't find the answer within CubeCart v6. Sorry if I missed it and I'm duplicating a question here. How do you change the store URL? (I'm ready to go from *.com/sandbox/store to *.com/ ). I've seen some references to global.inc.php in previous versions but it doesn't seem like the same architecture is present in v6. Or maybe it is? Thanks!
  5. I'm having the same problem as the OP on a fresh install of 6.0.2 Just to advance the conversation, I've noticed that there is no minimum_quantity column in the CubeCart_inventory table. Thanks in advance!
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