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  1. I want my ordinary ( limited permissions) editor to be able to edit the contact page. Is there a way of releasing access to that without giving access to full admin settings generally.. is there a code snippet that can be adjusted? thanks for any guidance..
  2. I am also having problems with this.. Maybe I am just misunderstanding something? I have the latest install. product code 1222 gets matrix option code default of eg 1200000-4 1200000-5 Also trying to add a matrix option is a little bit sticky, often I have to check the boxes and hit submit a few times. Having struggled to edit fluidly I haven't got as far as checking if calculations are correct once I add lots of data.
  3. I would like this plugin..
  4. Hi I have a client who sends many thousands of emails every week to his different groups of customers. Can the cubecart6 'email customers' interface be set up to deal with this? I expect it may need some server settings /cron etc. My question I suppose..Is this how it is intended? Is it meant to cope with high volume or should I use something specifically intended for large mailshots.? thanks
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