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  1. Yes please! I have been using Click & Drop for over a year and whilst I don't do a huge quantity, it would certainly help. Yes I agree, Cubecart is not as big as Shopify but who wants to be! Come on Royal Mail do the right thing by your existing users.
  2. Hi, thanks for this. Al is working on finding something that will work. As he says if it worked on version 3 he should be able to make it work on version 6. My competitors mainly use Shopify which works well using Paypal's instalment plan. Thanks again. Anne
  3. Hi, I am looking to offer customers the option of paying by instalments and wonder please if other cubecart users have found a provider. My products are approx £25. I currently use Paypal which is working ok. Suggestions most welcome. BTW I am completely hopeless at tech and rely on Al to get me through hiccups.
  4. Hi, this was very helpful indeed but I am stuck. If I clone a product and change the options to reflect the new colours/sizes, the stock levels don't appear on the Product summary page.
  5. Hi, I am a complete novice but have, with help from my son, had my site working for several months and am starting to attract business. I have been disappointed with the blank space on my shop's home page banner. I think my logo is the correct size but it looks far too small in context and when I look at other users with v6. I am using the foundation skin. Similarly the logo on my invoices is very small. Logo possibilities attached, any advice/help much appreciated.
  6. Can anyone advise how I change my logo on the invoice page. It is too large and when the invoice prints half of the logo is chopped off. Thanks for your help. Absolute beginner!
  7. I was thinking of doing this too. But yes Johnboy you are right customers sign in as guests at Paypal option. Still not sure if I like the checkout page it looks rather bitty, not very attractive but then I am having trouble with desktop screen layout.
  8. I am having trouble with the Paypal plugin for CC6. I am not asked for card details when I use the checkout button. Also when I use the Paypal button an error message appears 'validate security header'. I took this issue to Paypal who have been very helpful. I now need to amend the IPN url but cannot change it. Your advice would be most welcome. I do have another issue with postcode anywhere which also isn't working. Thank you for your help.
  9. Thank you. I discovered that as well as deleting the pictures I had deleted the code, now seems to be ok again thanks to my son finding the relevent code in your demo.
  10. Hello, complete newbie to cubecart6 and e-commerce sites, please can you help. I seem to have lost the ability for the homepage photos to rotate. Working fine then disaster. Have been able to reinstall photos but all appear on homepage under each other. How can I fix it? Many thanks in advance
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