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  1. One explanation is probably Paypal will only honour their seller protection if the order has been shipped to the address registered in Paypal. I have problems both ways - I have customers who update their address in Paypal but not in their accounts on my site, even though I have clear warnings before and during checkout about making sure their address on my site is correct ( I don't have time to cross check the Paypal address is the same as the delivery address or vice versa) then complain to me when I send it to the wrong address, then I have the customers who update their address on my website but not on Paypal, if the customer files an item not received (even with tracking) then Paypal will not honour the protection.
  2. I've used cubecart for many many years - still have a V3 store and a couple of V4 stores both heavily modded. I have tried a test install of V6 but the skins I downloaded from the marketplace don't work right (mainly the slider) on Kurouto and Mican. see http://www.craftracks.co.uk/shop/ this didn't bode well for me. I don't know whether to go the V5 or V6 route but I have 2 V4 websites associated with my main business, one is for general customers and the other is for my trade customers, this has mods where prices are hidden until logged in but you need customer approval before being able to log in. V4 stores http://www.inkylicious.co.uk and http://www.inkylicious.co.uk/trade I don't want regular customers seeing what the trade buy our stock for. I need to really update my sites now and get them in-line with our new website which is being written, so we can have a nice flow through where all the headers etc match and the stores will be in subs of our main domain. I was so used to how V4 worked and changing the files etc and have had a peep at the V5 files but find them overwhelming. Google is going to start penalising me for having a non responsive website so upgrading is now a must.
  3. Many thanks - I will have a go this eve. No I purchased all my licences and copyright removals, been using CC for over 7 years one is still running on V3 which I really really need to move to a newer version but my main and trade ones will need bringing to my new responsive website which I'm writing up. I will try have a play with the V6 at the weekend as I've noticed a lot of your replies to questions are concerning what I'll be trying to do. You'll probably be hearing more from me. LOL
  4. Apologies as I know V4 is no longer supported but I'm moving my stores and need my keys for all my V4 stores - I had 5 (maybe more). I'm on V4.4.4 and they are heavily modded and I don't have time to use the newer opensource version and remod them all etc. I tried logging in to my dashboard on cubecart.com but it no longer even recognises me and now asks me to log in with a paypal account ????????? When we have time we will try out the newer versions but the V5/6 just don't quite do it for me .... Yet!
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