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  1. Hi all, Is there or have I missed something an option in Admin? I would like a RENEW button on the product page for digital software yearly renewal options, e.g 1-Button at the moment is QTY and Add to Basket 2-I would like that button to have the option to be able changeable (in Admin) to change it to read RENEW and (in Admin) the price can be changed and is lower for the customer (ONLY when the customer is logged in) than the normal price. Is this possible and/or can Cubecart code be changed to add this in..
  2. I have 3 Admin!! 1 admin 1 admin3kyypp 1 adminradbud what one shall I delete? OK all sorted now, updated shop files and folders and working fine...Thanks
  3. Type it the same as below..cubecart.default.css .nav-boxes { margin-top: 1.5rem; } .nav-boxes { margin-bottom: 1.5rem; }
  4. Thanks that worked, one thing is I have not got in the extra tab??
  5. Did you find out the problem? I have this on my site with just the 2 buttons ?
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