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  1. The plugins are SFWS Site Testimonials SFWS Site Maps Each have: Hook: SEO Get Item Vars Trigger: class.seo.get_item_vars Hook: SEO Append Private Variables Trigger: class.seo.construct
  2. Just checked ... I have 2. The plugins work as they should, I just don't think they've been updated to 6.2.0 yet. Ok not to worry about this?
  3. Running 6.2.0 I keep getting this PHP Warning in my error log. The file is stock. [14-May-2018 23:50:21 UTC] PHP Warning: array_merge() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.array-merge.php'>function.array-merge.php</a>]: Argument #1 is not an array in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/seo.class.php on line 357 [15-May-2018 01:14:18 UTC] PHP Warning: array_merge() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.array-merge.php'>function.array-merge.php</a>]: Argument #1 is not an array in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/seo.class.php on line 357 Here is my line 357 and more: foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('class.seo.getitem.parameters') as $hook) include $hook; $_GET = (is_array($_GET)) ? array_merge($item_vars, $_GET) : $item_vars; if ($url) { return $GLOBALS['storeURL'].'/index.php?'.http_build_query($_GET); } else { return true; } } else { $_GET['_a'] = '404'; } } else { httpredir('index.php'); } }
  4. If this is correct why do I still have the orange error message in admin/maintenance/database and should I worry about it?
  5. I did what you suggested but still get the orange error message. Cleared cache. This is what I have now.
  6. I'm running 6.2.0. I got this in admin/maintainence / database but in looking in the order_summary table with phpMyAdmin I don't have a custom_oid that I saw. How do I fix this error? Thanks in advance, - Me This is what I have:
  7. .inner-wrap, body { background-color: #ABCDEF; }  .inner-wrap, footer { background-color: #ABCDEF; }  Code didn't work but that's ok, I'll keep it as inline if that won't cause problems. Would like to know if I have my style sheets in the right order though Thanks, Brian
  8. Is this the order my style sheets should be in? {assign var=css_input value=[ 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/normalize.css', 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/foundation.css', 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/cubecart.css', 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/cubecart.common.css', 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/cubecart.helpers.css', 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/aquickinfo-620.css', - custom style instead of cubecart.default 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/jquery.bxslider.css', 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/jquery.chosen.css']} So i should use this too? .inner-wrap, body { background-color: #ABCDEF; }
  9. For the life of me I can not figure out where to change the color of my body and footer. For now I am changing the code inline for both in skins/main and skins/main.checkout to the following but there must be somewhere else to do this in style sheets. <body style="background-color:#F7F8E0"> <footer style="background-color:#F7F8E0"> Thanks in advance for any and all help, Me
  10. in the file In the file /admin/sources/products.index.inc.php What does this code do? Around Line 1126 $thead_sort = array ( 'status' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('status', $lang['common']['status'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'digital' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('digital', $lang['common']['type'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'image' => $lang['catalogue']['title_image'], 'name' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('name', $lang['catalogue']['product_name'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'product_code' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('product_code', $lang['catalogue']['product_code'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'price' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('price', $lang['common']['price'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'stock_level' => $lang['catalogue']['title_stock'], 'updated' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('updated', $lang['catalogue']['title_last_updated'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'translations' => $lang['translate']['title_translations'] ); Thanks, Me
  11. Well, Brian, I did not know about the white space around the brackets. I'll look into that asap.
  12. Hi, This was strange. I was working on the styling of my checkout page (put a border border radius on a button) and all the sudden I can't see my store front end. Admin is working fine. I see this in my error log: [02-May-2018 11:56:59 America/Louisville] PHP Notice: Undefined index: in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php on line 307 And in admin/maintenance/database I got this: And when I went to control panel I see I have 2 admin.php files: Oh and when I check the developer tools in FireFox on my homepage it says there is no style sheet. I've checked the element.ccs in my skin and it looks fine. I did notice prior to all this that the developer tool was showing a style sheet from another skin - but the files in this skin are correct. I was wondering why my button wouldn't change. Yes, I cleared my caches! When I checked the correct style sheet the first line had a . in a red box in front of the .bggg{background-color: #CDDACB;}. Seems like all this started when I removed the red box . Thanks for any and all help!
  13. There is one thing about this code. Not all my products have a manufacturer, but if I don't put anything in the field it won't let me save the other changes. The add manufacturer field you added just turns pinkish red.
  14. I got it to work. I copied the instructions from the email I received about the post, not the actual forum post. The email read and I couldn't find that complete line: Near line 70, find: if (!empty($_POST['product_id']) && is_numeric($_POST['product_id'])) { dbgClue('We are updating a product.',array(),false); FORUM READ: On a new blank line ABOVE that, add: Near line 70, find: if (!empty($_POST['product_id']) && is_numeric($_POST['product_id'])) {
  15. Trying to implement this today but my code isn't lining up with yours. I'm on CC 6.2.0
  16. Is there any way in admin/Product to have an "Add manufacturer" feature in the dropdown menu where you add the manufacturer instead of having to go to the manufacturer menu section each time you add a product? Thanks in advance, Claudia
  17. Well, that makes for an interesting layout. I like it!! Now I guess I should upgrade to 1.0.11 and apply ALL these changes. Thanks, Brian
  18. It shows in the marketplace. - Sorry 1.0.11. Is it older even though the number is higher?
  19. I am using 1.0.10 - I didn't get a notification about the 1.1.11 upgrade. Does this new version have the features you added - edit entire table, reorder rates, etc.....?
  20. This is just one of those annoying things that can bug the bejeebers out of a person. I have quite a few zones in AIOS and when I go to edit or add rates to a particular zone this is what I see. Anyway to perhaps get the zone I'm editing on its own line. Thanks in advance!
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