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  1. Hi, I just added a tooltip for my PayPal button on the checkout page. Works as I want, but, I changed the background color of the tooltip box from stock but the little arrow on the top left of the box is still dark - not the same changed color. How do I get the arrow to match the tooltip box? Thanks in advance for all help, Claudia
  2. Let this be a learning lesson to everyone that modifies their own code. The reason my invisible recaptcha didn't work - I had made changes to my content.checkout page and forgot to put the highlighted portion back: It seems to be working now. <button type="submit" name="proceed" id="checkout_proceed" class="button checkout right nomarg-bottom g-recaptcha"{include file='templates/element.recaptcha.invisible.php'}>{$CHECKOUT_BUTTON} <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-chevron-right"></use></svg></button> I'm sorry I bothered everyone with this - but on a happy note Dirty Butter told me how to disable guest purchases! Please resolve this
  3. Thanks, I think I will do that. I reverted to Recaptcha 2 for now and it seems to be working.
  4. Very, very modified Foundation. Yes, I got the new key from Google. I wish this would work, it's nice that customers don't have to "select squares with signs". I leave sites that make me go thru all that.
  5. I had a new customer try to place an order today and they couldn't complete payment and for some reason her email was not saved. The order is set to pending. I tried to go thru the steps of placing an order as a new unregistered customer and got stuck at the checkout button. When I pressed it nothing happens. Im using CC6.1.7 and invisible Recaptcha
  6. My PayPal is working fine - but i use Pro. Thanks for telling me about the V6 foundation page. How handy is that!!!
  7. I haven't changed my custom skin at all. Should I? I'll look into the PayPal patch. Thanks, Rosemary
  8. Hi, I just upgraded to 6.1.7. Anyway, I knew some people were having trouble with their mailing list so that was one of the first things I checked. Works as it should in IE, but in Firefox when I go to type in an email address in the "Join our Mailing List" box on the home page it jumps to the top of the page right after I click on the box before I enter an email address. I have cleared all caches and saved store settings. It works fine on the register page. Here's a link. Mailing List box is at bottom right. https://www.claudiasbargains.com/ Thanks for any all help, Claudia
  9. Thanks for the reply Dirty Butter, but that's not really what my issue is. Anyway, it doesn't matter because it started working again! You can mark this as resolved if you want. Claudia
  10. I can't believe I just now noticed this. If a product has just one image, you cannot click it to zoom to a larger size. I think this was addressed before but I can't really remember. Any help is apreciated. Claudia
  11. Sure ..... Needs some work for the mobile to look right with my custom code - but it looks good enough for now You can see it here https://www.claudiasbargains.com/ box.basket.php {* * CubeCart v6 * ======================================== * CubeCart is a registered trade mark of CubeCart Limited * Copyright CubeCart Limited 2017. All rights reserved. * UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904 * ======================================== * Web: http://www.cubecart.com * Email: [email protected] * License: GPL-3.0 https://www.gnu.org/licenses/quick-guide-gplv3.html *} {if !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <div id="mini-basket"> <div class="show-for-medium-up"> <!-- <div class="text-right"><a href="#" id="basket-summary" class="t3 small"><svg class="icon icon-basket"><use xlink:href="#icon-basket"></use></svg>&nbsp;&nbsp; {$CART_TOTAL}</a></div> --> <div class="text right"> {include file='templates/box.basket.content.php'} </div> </div> <div class="show-for-small-only"> <div class="show-for-small-only"><a class="right-off-canvas-toggle button white tiny" href="#"><svg class="icon icon-basket icon-x2"><use xlink:href="#icon-basket"></use></svg><br />{$CART_TOTAL}</a></div> <div class="hide panel radius small-basket-detail-container js_fadeOut" id="small-basket-detail"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-check"></use></svg> {$LANG.catalogue.added_to_basket}</div> </div> </div> {/if} basket.content.php {* * CubeCart v6 * ======================================== * CubeCart is a registered trade mark of CubeCart Limited * Copyright CubeCart Limited 2017. All rights reserved. * UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904 * ======================================== * Web: http://www.cubecart.com * Email: [email protected] * License: GPL-3.0 https://www.gnu.org/licenses/quick-guide-gplv3.html *} <div class="box-basket-content thinmarg-topbottom"> <h4 class="mini-basket-title nomarg pad-side">{$LANG.basket.your_basket}</h4> <div class="pad basket-detail"> <div class="text-right"><a href="#" id="basket-summary" class="t4 small"><svg class="icon icon-basket"><use xlink:href="#icon-basket"></use></svg>&nbsp;&nbsp; {$CART_TOTAL}</a></div> {if isset($CONTENTS) && count($CONTENTS) > 0} <ul class="no-bullet nomarg"> {foreach from=$CONTENTS item=item name=items} {if $smarty.foreach.items.index == 10} <!-- <li class="clearfix"><div class="left">&hellip;</div></li> --> {break} {/if} <!-- <li class="clearfix"> <!-- <div class="left"><a class="t5" href="{$item.link}" title="{$item.name}">{$item.quantity} &times; {$item.name|truncate:35:"&hellip;"}</a></div> --> <!--<div class="right">{$item.total}</div> </li> --> {/foreach} <li class="clearfix nomarg"> <!-- <hr> --> <div class="t4 left">{$LANG.basket_en.basket_item_count}:&nbsp;&nbsp;</div> <div class="t4 right">{$CART_ITEMS}</div> </li> <!-- <li class="clearfix"> <div class="left t4 total">{$LANG.basket.total}:</div> <div class="right t4 total">{$CART_TOTAL}</div> </li> --> </ul> <!-- <div><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php?_a=checkout" class="button success expand nomarg">{if $CONFIG.ssl == 1}<svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-lock"></use></svg> {$LANG.basket.basket_secure_checkout}{else}{$LANG.basket.basket_checkout}{/if}</a></div> --> {if !$IS_USER} <div class="thinpad-top"><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php?_a=basket" class="button submit expand nomarg">{$LANG.basket.view_basket}</a></div> {/if} {else} <p class="t4 nopad text-center">{$LANG.basket_en.basket_is_empty}</p> {/if} </div> </div> cubecart.css /* Start Mini Basket *//* .basket-detail-container { position: fixed; z-index: 100; width: 250px; top: 27px; margin-left: -150px; } .small-basket-detail-container { position: fixed; z-index: 100; width: 90%; left: 5%; top: 40%; background-color: #397D02; border: none; color: #fff; font-weight: bold; }*/ .mini-basket-title { background-color: #710000; color: #fff; text-align: center; } .basket-detail { background-color: #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid #003300; }/* .basket-detail .total { font-size: 1.2em; font-weight: 700; } .mini-basket-arrow { width: 0; height: 0; border-left: 5px solid transparent; border-right: 5px solid transparent; border-bottom: 5px solid #000; margin-left: 229px; } /* End Mini Basket */
  12. Well boo on Brian LOL What will we do !!!!! I think I may have a way to fix this. Just move the mini basket and restyle it
  13. Hi, I've been styling my header to shown some cart info instead of having the popup mini basket. I have it placed basically where I wanted (some more styling needed) but when I add an item to my cart the info in my header does not change until I refresh my browser. My skin is custom based on foundation. Link to store Thanks in advance for any and all help Claudia
  14. Thanks ... I already use Daren's custom product sort mod. Maybe I'll ask him his thoughts!
  15. Hi, I want to add a "View All" category where all my products will show. Is there anyway this can be automated and I don't have to go in to admin and manually add each product to this category? Thanks is advance for any and all help Claudia
  16. Hi, Is there anyway to disable or remove the pop up mini basket that appears when you click on the $ 0.00. I want to put the view basket button next to this ($0.00) and perhaps the secure checkout button as well. And I don't want the "Your cart is empty" message to pop up either. All this while not distrubing how it works for the small displays. Thanks in advance for any and all help Claudia
  17. I got the email at 6:00am this morning. Oh well, better late than never LOL
  18. Right, PayPal quit sending me an email from PayPal. I haven't changed any settings in PayPal so I thought there may be a change in the newest version of the PayPal Plugin. No entry in the Admin Email log and I haven't changed anything in my PayPal profile. I receive all the emails Cubecart sends. Also my PayPal account shows that the payment was made. I have screenshots of the emails PayPal sent me in the past. This may be the wrong place to ask about this, I don't know. I just don't like it when something stops doing what it has always done. LOL
  19. Hi, Ever since I upgraded to CC6.15 and more precisely PayPal Pro 1.1.7 I am not receiving emails from Paypal when a payment is received as I always have in the past. My email settings in CC admin are SMTP with SSL Outgoing Port 465. Thanks in advance, Claudia
  20. Thanks Brian, That worked for the print.receipt but for the content.receipt it needs to be this: <td>{if !empty($SUM.ship_product)}{$SUM.ship_product}{else}{$LANG.basket.shipping}{/if}</td>
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