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  1. I know this is very picky of me, but it is really bugging me. Your formula worked but it isn't carrying the decimal to 2 places (if zeros involved). 50 cents is showing as 0.5 instead of 0.50. One dollar is showing as 1 instead of 1.00 Anyway to correct this Thanks
  2. Thanks Brian! Hey, one more quick question. And if it's to involved that's ok. Per the image below which is in my Special Tab for orders you'll notice that it tells me the cost of the item. Problem is I sold 4 of them and it doesn't give me the total cost for all 4 - just one. Any way I can show a total cost? Thanks Sorry forgot to send the picture
  3. Is the what I should do in admin.sources.orders around line 327. Changing ecel_name to est_ship_box? Anything else I need to do? foreach ($inventory as $product) { if ( empty($product['excel_name']) ) { $product_excel_name_record = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory','excel_name',array('product_id' => $product['product_id'])); $product['excel_name'] = $product_excel_name_record[0]['excel_name']; } if ( empty($product['product_weight']) ) { $product_product_weight_record = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory','product_weight',array('product_id' => $product['product_id'])); $product['product_weight'] = $product_product_weight_record[0]['product_weight']; } The above worked!
  4. I did this and then did a test order. The info was not populated in the order {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <div class="bg-white">{$product.quantity} &nbsp;x&nbsp; {$product.name} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; {$product.excel_name} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; {$product.product_code}&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Each:</strong>&nbsp;{$product.line}<strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;All:</strong>&nbsp;{$product.price_total}&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Cost:&nbsp;</strong>{$product.cost_price} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <strong>Product Weight:</strong>&nbsp;{$product.product_weight} </div> <div class="bg-white"> <label for="est_ship_box"> <strong>Estimate Shipping Box:</strong></label>&nbsp;{$product.est_ship_box} </div> {/foreach}
  5. Here's what I'm trying to do. I have already created columns in the Inventory and Order Summary databases - est_ship_box 1. Add est_ship_box to the admin.product.skin <div><label for="product_weight">{$LANG.catalogue.product_weight}</label><span><input name="product_weight" id="product_weight" class="textbox number" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.product_weight}"></span></div> <div><label for="est_ship_box">Estimate Shipping Box</label><span><input name="est_ship_box" id="est_ship_box" class="textbox" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.est_ship_box}"></span></div> <div> <label for="product_featured">{$LANG.catalogue.product_featured}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="featured" id="product_featured" class="toggle" value="{$PRODUCT.featured}"></span></div> I will input this information when I add a product 2. When the item sells I would like the above information automatically updated to my Order Special Data Tab as follows. <div id="specialdata" class="tab_content"> <h3>Special Data</h3> <div class="w1200"> <div style="background-color: #FFFFFF; font-size:1rem; text-align:center; ">All Venues</div> <fieldset > <legend style="background-color: #B9C2AA;">All Item(s)</legend> {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <div class="bg-white">{$product.quantity} &nbsp;x&nbsp; {$product.name} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; {$product.excel_name} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; {$product.product_code}&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Each:</strong>&nbsp;{$product.line}<strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;All:</strong>&nbsp;{$product.price_total}&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Cost:&nbsp;</strong>{$product.cost_price} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <strong>Product Weight:</strong>&nbsp;{$product.product_weight} </div> {/foreach} <div class="bg-white"> <label for="order_wgt"><strong>Order Weight:&nbsp;</strong> </label>{$SUMMARY.weight} </div> <div class="bg-white"> <label for="sold_site"><strong> Sold Site:</strong></label><span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span>{$SUMMARY.sold_site}</span></div> <div class="bg-white"> <label for="est_ship_box"><strong> Estimated Shipping Box:</strong></label><span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span>{$PRODUCT.est_ship_box}</span></div> </fieldset> Thanks in advance for any and all help
  6. When I started using PayPal Commerce instead of standard my fees when up to 3.49% + .49 (USA) In looking at PayPal's fee page they state this is standard for all other commercial transactions.
  7. Hi, What does this error mean? [03-Feb-2022 14:47:08 America/Louisville] PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'total' in /home/xxxxx/public_html/modules/plugins/paypal_commerce/gateway.class.php on line 74 Thanks!
  8. "Are you planning to keep 'site_full_address'? If not, think about just renaming the column name" I'll Just do that - change the column name. Thanks Brian
  9. Brian I want to thank you for your help on this, but I can't really think to straight right now. Knee is really hurting from physical therapy. I do have one question though. If I wanted to move all the records from the site_full_address table to the sold_locale table what would the query be? Again thanks so much
  10. All are site_full_address POST: 'status' => '883' => 0 '882' => 1 '881' => 1 '880' => 1 '879' => 1 '878' => 1 '877' => 1 '876' => 1 '875' => 1 '874' => 1 '873' => 1 '872' => 1 '871' => 1 '870' => 1 '869' => 1 '868' => 1 '867' => 1 '866' => 1 '865' => 1 '864' => 1 'sold_locale' => '865' => ClaudiasBargains.com SQL queries" 12. Hack: 1639171895.09080 --- Duration: 5311 µs [ERROR - NOT CACHED] INSERT INTO `CubeCart_system_error_log` (`message`,`url`,`backtrace`,`time`) VALUES ('[<strong>Notice</strong>] /home/claudias/public_html/admin_Gsvj4z/sources/customers.index.inc.php:313 - Undefined variable: result','https://www.claudiasbargains.com/admin_mUF32e.php?_g=customers','mutingErrorHandler() (customers.index.inc.php:313)\nrequire() (controller.admin.session.true.inc.php:110)\ninclude() (admin_mUF32e.php:41)\n','1639171895'); 13. Hack: 1639171895.09130 --- Duration: 397 µs [NOT CACHED]
  11. The Sold Site (site_full-address) column is my old one (I also have site_full-address in Order Summary). I'm keeping it there for now to make it easier to update the Sold Locale column. (sold_locale in Customer) Each time I update null to the actual info needed I have to click save. If I try to do more than one null to info it will only save the first the othes stay at null. This also happens when I delete the info in Sold Site (then shows null) Once I get all the Store Locales inputted I'm going to delete the Sold Site column
  12. It seems I have site_full_address in both order summary and customers. So I created sold_locale for the customer and changed my code to match. It worked. I think I'm going to go thru everything and delete database fields I don't use. Thanks Brian the only thing is I have to save after I update each record. I can't do a whole page at a time
  13. I made the change above but it still isn't saving it. I use to have ajax_site_full_address in the contact details page. Could that be a problem? <fieldset><legend>{$LANG.account.contact_details}</legend> <!-- <div><label for="ajax_site_full_address">Sold Site</label><span><input type="text" id="ajax_site_full_address" name="customer[site_full_address]" value="{$CUSTOMER.site_full_address}" class="textbox"></span></div> --> <div><label for="site_full_address">Sold Site</label><span><input type="text" id="site_full_address" name="customer[site_full_address]" value="{$CUSTOMER.site_full_address}" class="textbox"></span></div> <div><label for="cust-email">Store (created) eMail</label><span><input type="text" name="customer[email]" id="cust-email" value="{$CUSTOMER.email}" class="textbox"></span></div> <div><label for="ajax_offsite_email">Offsite eMail</label><span><input type="text" id="ajax_offsite_email" name="customer[offsite_email]" value="{$CUSTOMER.offsite_email}" class="textbox"></span></div> <div><label for="ajax_site_phone">OffSite / PP Phone</label><span><input type="text" id="ajax_site_phone" name="customer[site_phone]" value="{$CUSTOMER.site_phone}" class="textbox"></span></div> <div><label for="cust-phone">{$LANG.address.phone}</label><span><input type="text" name="customer[phone]" id="cust-phone" value="{$CUSTOMER.phone}" class="textbox"></span></div> <div><label for="cust-mobile">{$LANG.address.mobile}</label><span><input type="text" name="customer[mobile]" id="cust-mobile" value="{$CUSTOMER.mobile}" class="textbox"></span></div> <div><label>{$LANG.newsletter.customer_subscribed}</label><span> In customers.index.php
  14. Thanks Brian. I'll implement it asap I implemented the changes and I get the input box, it just won't save. I get the red banner "failed to add customer" Here's what I did: admin.customer.skin: Also tried it without the strike through <td><span class="editable" name="customer[{$customer.customer_id}][site_full_address]">{$customer.site_full_address}</span></td> <td><span class="editable" name="customer[{$customer.customer_id}][site_full_address]">{$customer.site_full_address}</span></td> admin.customer.source: Also tried putting my code under the "status code" $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage($lang['customer']['notify_groups_delete']); $send_redirect = true; } if (isset($_POST['site_full_address']) && is_array($_POST['site_full_address']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('customers', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { foreach ($_POST['site_full_address'] as $customer_id => $site_full_address) { $result = $result || $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_customer', array('site_full_address' => $site_full_address), array('customer_id' => (int)$customer_id)); } if ($result) { $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage("Some or all sold sites updated."); } $send_redirect = true; } if (isset($_POST['status']) && is_array($_POST['status']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('customers', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { foreach ($_POST['status'] as $customer_id => $status) { // Delete any active session if((int)$status===0) $GLOBALS['db']->delete('CubeCart_sessions', array('customer_id' => (int)$customer_id)); $result = $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_customer', array('status' => (int)$status), array('customer_id' => (int)$customer_id)); if ($result) { $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage($lang['customer']['notify_customer_status']); } } $send_redirect = true; }
  15. Hi, I have done this in the Products Inventory field and would now like to do it with one field in the customers. I don't use Membership Groups ( See: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/57357-customer-changed-price-on-order/#comment-249528) I have instead created a field in the order summary database called site_full_address. I have placed an input box for this under contact details on the first page of the customer form. This automatically populates in the Customer List page. After deleting my membership groups I find I have alot of empty fields on the Customer List page. Instead of going into each customer and adding the site_full_address thru the contact details input box I would like to make it editible in the Customer List page. How would I do this? Thanks in advance for any help! PS In my lines 183-189 in the admin/skin/customers.index the spans are in the wrong place. {if !empty($CONFIG.w3w)}<div><label for="address_w3w">what3words</label><span><input type="text" name="address[w3w]" id="address_w3w" value="{$ADDRESS.w3w}" class="textbox"></span></div>{/if} <div><label for="billing">{$LANG.address.billing_address}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="address[billing]" id="billing" value="{$ADDRESS.billing}" class="toggle"></div> <div><label for="default">{$LANG.address.default_delivery_address}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="address[default]" id="default" value="{$ADDRESS.default}" class="toggle"></div> <input type="hidden" name="address[address_id]" value="{$ADDRESS.address_id}"> </span></span> </fieldset> {/if}
  16. Will deleting the rows in CubeCart_pricing_group delete the retail pricing too?
  17. Would it work too if I just deleted the groups. And if I have to, delete each group by customer?
  18. Do I have to go thru each product? Or where would I go to change by group?
  19. But I have never changed the pricing for a group on a product - always used the retail pricing. I don't have time to go thru each product. I'm going to delete my member groups I guess. What's the quickest way to do that?
  20. Yes I want her to still be a member of the group. I want the retail pricing used for each group (I thought that's how it was). How do I do this? Not to be pushy but I need to get this done tonight. I'm going in for knee replacement surgery in the morning. Thanks.
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