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  1. Hi, Just starting looking into the Foundation Skin I will be editing for my upgraded CC6.0.6 store. I want to add a new tab to the product page named Other Uses and want it to show up only of the field is occupied. ex. some of my vintage ashtrays can also be used for trinket bowls or incense cone holders. Some of my bottles can be used as reed diffuser receptacles. I want to be able to tell people that in a new tab. Also in the Specification tab I would like to add a field for size. And lastly, for now, where can I edit colors, fonts, etc. ex. the description of each featured product. Thanks in advance, Claudia
  2. I don't think I'm going thru all that, Brian, I have a tendency of messing things up to much. LOL. But thanks for the info. If I do upgrade to V6 and use my all in one shipping am I going to have to input all my zones and rates again or can I use what I have? I like the basic Foundation skin that comes with V6 and some of its built in features. I think I'll just do a basic upgrade and work with the Foundation skin at a slow pace. That way my store will stay active. Thanks Brian, Claudia
  3. Hi, I was thinking of taking the leap and upgrading my store to V6.0.6 from 5.2.14. I have a lot of mods and tweaks so here is my question. Is there anyway I can keep my V5 running while I tweak and redesign the new V6? And I mean redesign all my products, product images, everything. Change the folder where I store the product images, everything. I've heard about cloning a store. Is this what I would have to do? What's the easiest way to accomplish this. Just don't want any down time on my store being live and looking right. Thanks for all help, Claudia
  4. As I don't use the navigation.php and don't word the categories in the menu exactly as I have them created in admin, I think I'm okay at the moment. All I have to do is reword them in main.php. But thanks for the idea .... something to think about. Claudia
  5. When (and if) I make some more stuff in my wood shop I was going to make that more prominent. Thanks for your input! Claudia
  6. What browser are you using? I renamed the categories and hope they fit now. When you get a chance will you check and see if they are okay for you now? Thanks, Claudia
  7. Hi Dirty Butter, You must have caught me when I was restyling my menu LOL. For a minute there everything was scrunched together. You say the "Aisle" solution is interesting. Is that good or bad? If I put all the categories in the left menu you'd be scrolling for days as I hate expandable menus. Do you think it looks to busy? Thanks for your input, Claudia
  8. Here's mine. I still want to do some tweaking but close enough to being done. https://www.claudiasbargains.com Special thanks to the following for all their help: Brian Smither (BSmither) - Enough said there. Who could create anything without him? Daren Clarke of SemperFiWebServices and his great mods: 1) Related Products 2) Custom Product Sort 3) Add to Cart Notification 4) Shipping and Tax Estimator (with zip codes) Cart Design Shops 1) Sitemap As you can tell I don't like expandable menus LOL Thanks for all comments and suggestions, good or bad. Claudia
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