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  1. No I don't use iDeal or Bancontact. I'm in the USA if that matters
  2. I had one the other day that went thru fine. You're right Al, can't figure out the cause. I use Mastercard and Visa I did get an email from Stripe on 3-24 regarding some updates they were making. Are you aware of this?
  3. Yeah ... I just checked again and it's going back to the same page and sort order. What I did was sort by the Group Membership but changed the Sold Site
  4. I can input the editable information but when I save it goes back to the first page of orders and my info wasn't saved. Don't go to a lot of trouble on this Brian. I know you are busy and I ask a lot of you.
  5. Is this how I make it editble: <td><span class="editable number" name="summary[{$summary.sold_site}][sold_site]">{$summary.sold_site}</span></td> I don't know how to do the Save
  6. Told you it was something stupid I did. I had it at <td>Sold Site</td>. When I changed it to, it works <td>{$THEAD.sold_site}</td> What about this: "Also, If I wanted to make the Sold Site editable in the Orders page in Admin how would I add a Save button?"
  7. I know I am missing something pretty obvious but here I am. I have added sold_site to my order summary database and added it to the places I want it to show in the order and that works well. It shows on the Orders page in admin but I can't get it to sort. I added the following to the admin/sources/order.index.inc and I know I'm missing something but can't figure it out. Also added sold_site to the orders portion of the language file. $thead_sort = array( 'sold_site' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('sold_site', $lang['orders']['sold_site'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'cart_order_id' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('cart_order_id', $lang['orders']['order_number'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), Also, If I wanted to make the Sold Site editable in the Orders page in Admin how would I add a Save button? Thanks for any and all help
  8. Thanks Al. I'll give it a go ASAP!
  9. I don't know if one has to do with the other (probably not ) but I thought I'd throw it out there. Since I upgraded to CC6.4.2 I get logged out of admin a lot more frequently. I try to keep it open mostly since I'm usually working on a lot of things.
  10. It happened again and I had to manually send the customer their order confirmation email. Glad I was near my phone and laptop so I could change the order to processing and have the email confirmation sent.
  11. Should I go back to the previous version for now?
  12. I just made my first sale with Stripe after updating to the latest version 3.0.1 ( 3.0.1 - Stripe session ID validation and SDK upgrade to 7.75.0.) Though Stripe showed the payment had cleared, in my admin the order stayed at pending. I manually changed it to processing. The transaction log reads as follows: Transaction ID Status Amount Gateway Date/Time Notes Unknown Unknown $29.58 Stripe Today, 13:07 Stripe session ID missing. Unable to retrieve session data.
  13. just the product_weight though excel_name was added the same way. Oh and I made sure the Inventory and Order Summary databases both had these columns. (I think thats what they are called) In the file order.index.inc.php, near line 325, find: foreach ($inventory as $product) { On a new blank line after that, add: if ( empty($product['excel_name']) ) { $product_excel_name_record = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory','excel_name',array('product_id' => $product['product_id'])); $product['excel_name'] = $product_excel_name_record[0]['excel_name']; } And then you gave me this, but for some reason I'm not using it or the code snippet and everything works. And instead of using a code snippet can I change a file? The code snippet I just sent? Sure. In /classes/order.class.php, near line 1308, find: $record = array( On a new blank line after that, add: 'excel_name' => $product['excel_name'],
  14. I never thought of that. What a great idea! Thank you Boo ... That doesn't work for me. Mine are for Etsy and Ebay sales and there is no gateway for them and I wouldn't want them to process thru my store anyway. This is all for information purposes only. I think the way I'm doing it will work just fine.
  15. Yes I saw that. But if I have a bunch of items in the order, at different weights, I'd have to use a calculator to total it up. I was just wondering if there was a way to automate this like with the customer created orders
  16. "Well, I see that your custom code is using {$SUMMARY.weight}. So, why does it not show where the newly added code is at? " That's what I'm asking. It doesn't show when I create the order I'll check th {debug} again
  17. Yes there is a column for weight. I didn't show all of my custom code for the entire fieldset <fieldset > <legend class="green greenlight">Items Information</legend> {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <div class="item"> {$product.name} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>{$product.quantity} &nbsp;x&nbsp; {$product.excel_name}</strong> - {$product.product_code}&nbsp;&nbsp;{$product.line}&nbsp;/&nbsp;<span>{$product.price_total}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Cost:&nbsp;</strong><span>{$product.cost_price}</span> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Product Weight:&nbsp;</strong><span>{$product.product_weight}</span> </div> {/foreach} <div> <label for="order_wgt"><strong>Order Weight:&nbsp;</strong> </label>{$SUMMARY.weight} </div> </fieldset>
  18. "Is this an order that the customer created, or one that you created -- and thus want to have a means of entering an admin-calculated weight?" Either a customer or admin created order "In stock code, obviously, the product's weight is not brought to the form as it is not recorded in CubeCart_order_inventory, nor is it fetched from CubeCart_inventory (possibly affected anyway by any product options that affect the weight)." You had helped me have "excel-name" that I used in the product available in the order. I used the same principal to have the product weight available in the order "So, from what you say, you have brought the weight of the order item into this form." Yes "So, yes, using the same technique of having javascript automatically update the Subtotal and Total fields when any of related fields change, there could be a way to see the weight values in your custom fields and use them to update the overall Basket Weight text field." The basket weight shows correctly for customer created orders. I need it to show for admin created orders. ADMIN CREATED ORDER - Note the order weight does not show. Can Cubecart add the 3 Product Weight together to create the Order Weight? I can create a new database field for it if need be CUSTOMER CREATED ORDER - Note the order weight shows
  19. The Basket Weight language showed but there is nothing in the field. I did the debug but couldn't find the sections you referenced. I'll try your new code Is there any way I can just add the products weight together if there is more than one item in the order - based on my custom code above
  20. I have been able to add the product weight per each item in the order in the Special Data tab I created in the order. I guess I just need to add the weights together to get a total if there are more than one item in an order, but I don't know how to do that. My weights are like 1.900 or .210 etc. I did it this way for the AIOS plugin. Here's the custom code I use: {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <div class="item"> {$product.name} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;--&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>{$product.quantity} &nbsp;x&nbsp; {$product.excel_name}</strong> - {$product.product_code}&nbsp;&nbsp;{$product.line}&nbsp;/&nbsp;<span>{$product.price_total}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Cost:&nbsp;</strong><span>{$product.cost_price}</span> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Product Weight:&nbsp;</strong><span>{$product.product_weight}</span> </div> {/foreach}
  21. I added the code then checked one of the orders I had previously created. The order weight did not show up.
  22. Thanks for showing that to me Ian but it has a lot more to it than I need. I just need the order weight for manually created orders.
  23. I noticed that when I create an order it does not apply the order weight as it does when a customer creates an order. Is there any way this can be done? Thanks in advance, Claudia
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