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  1. Well ... Once again Brian Thank You!! I have only resorted one zone but wanted you to know it works great! This will also be great if someone wanted to add a different shipping method but wanted to keep all the weights together. Yeah!!!! The only difference is the lines in admin/index.inc.php In /admin/index.inc.php, near line 418, find: My line 835 $rates = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_shipping_rates', false, false, 'id'); Change to: $rates = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_shipping_rates', false, false, 'sort_order, id'); Near line 197, find: My Line 393 if ($updated) { $GLOBALS['gui']->setNotify($lang['all_in_one_shipping']['notify_shipping_zone_sort_order']); } $GLOBALS['cache']->clear(); // httpredir(currentPage(array('tab'))); } Add after: /**/ //ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_shipping_rates` ADD COLUMN `sort_order` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' AFTER `item_rate`; $rates_order_update = array(); .............
  2. Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!!! I'll implement this asap.!!!!
  3. Maybe with the next release of the AIOS plugin these features would be nice.
  4. I have Zones for States and Zips. Plus Countries for US territories. Each zone has my rates for USPS Priority, USPS Parcel and Standard Ground (UPS). Except the territories don't have the Standard Ground rates. My worksheet from Excel has the rates in this order: Priority - Parcel - Standard ground, so this is usually the order I use in AOIS making it easy to to just input rates going down the list. Unfortunately, I guess the first time I put in the rates, the State zones show the Standard Ground last. I just wondered if there was an easy way to put them in my correct place in the plugin without having to redo them all. Not that big of a deal - don't go to any trouble with this.
  5. This is what I meant: " For the individual methods in a zone, no, I don't see that happening other than the order that they were entered. " Edit All: " As in being able to edit all the methods at once on a zone by zone basis." Like a checkmark or something that selects all to edit
  6. Hi, is there any way in the All in One Shipping Plugin to change the order of the rates something like the drop and drag in the admin category page. Also can an "edit all" feature be added? Thanks in advance, Claudia
  7. Thanks Brian. I have the <!DOCTYPE html> so I felt safe removing the type attribute.
  8. Hi, Just a quick question. I'm validating my site and got this warning. More lines but you get the jest. Is it safe to delete the TYPE portion of the code? Thanks in advance!
  9. I first used the AIOS when Estelle created it for CC4. At that time the instructions said to put the smaller zones first. Should I reorganize my zones to show the zip zones first? I didn't know this rule applied to CC6
  10. It does recalculate each time I input a different state and zip code. I want the estimate based on the zip code and if no zip code found then based on the state. Now it is based on the state. Using the state isn't always correct as some zips you would think would be for one state is really for another.
  11. Correct: As when CubeCart does not know the true delivery address of the customer? "The code posted above is not anything I recognize. Please remind us what file where the above code can be found." My lines (Custom skin based on Foundation) 93 -116 in :skin/templates/content.checkout.medium-up.php I'd really rather not disable the estimated shipping and taxes. If it can't show the zip code rates first, then the state rates if they can't find the zip code, I guess I can remove the states from the estimate, but I might have missed a zip code when inputting my zones / rates.
  12. See previous post: I'm sorry, I should have clarified. This is for the estimated shipping. I've inputted more zones and rates and it is still going by the state first then the zip code. Anyway to have the zip code rates chosen first and then the state in the shipping estimate. I've only checked in checkout-medium-up. Here is my code: <tr> <td class="bgw txt pad-top bd-top"colspan="6"> {if $ESTIMATE_SHIPPING} <a class="bgw" href="#">Get a Shipping Estimate for your Delivery Address</a> <div> <div class="txt font-wgt-norm">Specify your delivery address below. All information is required to get an accurate quote</div> <div class="thinpad-top"><span class="page-tag-sm font-wgt-norm font-burg">For locations outside of the United States and its territories please <a class="uline" href="/contact-us.html"target="_blank" title="Contact Us">contact us.</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; Why we have this <a class="uline" href="/payments-/-shipping.html"target="_blank" title="International Shipping Policy">International Shipping Policy</a> </span></div> <div class="pad-top"for="estimate_country">Country and US Territories</div> <select name="estimate[country]" id="estimate_country" class="nosubmit country-list" rel="estimate_state"> {foreach from=$COUNTRIES item=country}<option value="{$country.numcode}" {$country.selected}>{$country.name}</option>{/foreach} </select> <div for="estimate_state">{$LANG.address.state}</div> <input type="text" name="estimate[state]" id="estimate_state" value="{$ESTIMATES.state}" placeholder="{$LANG.address.state}"> <div for="estimate_postcode">{$LANG.address.postcode}</div> <input type="text" value="{$ESTIMATES.postcode}" id="estimate_postcode" placeholder="{$LANG.address.postcode}" name="estimate[postcode]"> <input type="submit" name="get-estimate" class="button expand" value="{$LANG.basket.fetch_shipping_rates}"> <script type="text/javascript"> var county_list = {$STATE_JSON}; </script> </div> {/if} </td></tr>
  13. Let me fool with this a little more - input more rates, zip codes, etc. Might take a day or 2. I'll let you know. Thanks!
  14. I setup a few rates for my state and purchase an item. In viewing the cart it does not show the multiple rates as in the first post. Thank you! However, it I put Kentucky as the state and a California Zip code (or any non kentucky zip code) It will show the estimated shipping rate for Kentucky, not the zip code. Any way for the shipping estimate to go by the zip code, not the State?
  15. I have to set up some rates then I'll try it. i'll let you know. Thanks, Brian
  16. That's great! ... In a bad way LOL. Please let me know what you find out
  17. Thank you .. I disabled her. This would be nice, like you said, such as punctuation in name fields and other oddities. .... That plugin can be modified to run tests on the registration data and set the status to disabled if any test matches the fail conditions.
  18. How do I do those things? If they have a known set of email addresses, and have created accounts on those addresses, you can disable the customer having that email address. and/or A (easily written) plugin to automatically disable new customers based on "rules", such as punctuation in name fields and other oddities.
  19. This order was returned to me by the Post Office stating there is no such address. I looked up the address and somehow got to a "Bad Buyer List". Seems this customer has done the same thing before. What would be going on? Why would she pay for an order (nowhere near a large order) then put those characters around her name and address, but have a payment that goes thru? Anyway, my main question is: Is there anyway to block her from being able to buy anything from me again? I'm going to refund her money just to be done with it.
  20. Hey Dirty Butter, I too increase the weight of an oversized package using my AIOS rates I created. But this isn't really fair to the people in zones 1-4. But I also give the option for the customer to ship UPS (rate created in AIOS) and that is usually cheaper. Sometimes I do have multiple items in one package. Example: two oil warmers plus a couple of bottles of scented oil. So far the shipping hasn't been a major problem. Knock on wood. I purchased different sized boxes from Uline and filled one of each with peanuts and weighed them after. I determine what size box I would probably use for an item and add this packing weight to the actual weight. Before I added a little handling fee for each AIOS shipping rate - I use the by weight calculation. But I decided since I had to update for the new rates I was not going to put the handling fee in the shipping. It sounds more complicated than it is. I created an Excel worksheet that does most of the calculations for me, including determining the dimensional weight and girth of an item.
  21. ..... Therefore, I suggest that if you accommodate shipping by Priority Mail, then the size of your box supply should be limited to under 1728 cubic inches - a common size being 16"x12"x8" (1536 cu in). ..... Problem with that is sometimes you have to use a larger box that demands dimensional weight and you want to offer Priority shipping..
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