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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I didn't get it to work, so what I ended up doing is a Mass renaming of all files using a Powershell command, and then editing the SQL Table to do a mass rename all digital path to match file names. But thank you
  2. Good evening Good Day Good night, I've currently upgraded our Digital music download shop from version 4.x to 6.22, ran into a few minor issues which I managed to fix via this forum, recently I received 2 orders which customers had issues whith downloading files, having fixed those issue I have now realised that all my 1500+ products (mp3 files) need to be renamed by replacing the spacing in each files with an underscore (or something else), basically as long as there no space in the name, for example 03-Morgan Heritage - Armagideon Calls.mp3 with now have to be renamed as 03-Morgan_Heritage -_Armagideon_Calls.mp3 Is there a code that can be applied to allow the download to recognise existing file names without me having to go through all 1500+ files
  3. @webspinning thank you for pointing out the URL, I have now added a subdomain which points directly to the shop http://shop.stingrayrecords.net
  4. Hi I just want to introduce all to our digital mp3 site, we've been selling digital music since Version 4 when we first setup our shop in 2009, recently upgraded to version 6.22 which is a much better product which also has Responsive features. Our Shop has over 1500 products https://www.stingrayrecords.net/cubecart/
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