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  1. @webspinning thank you for pointing out the URL, I have now added a subdomain which points directly to the shop http://shop.stingrayrecords.net
  2. Hi I just want to introduce all to our digital mp3 site, we've been selling digital music since Version 4 when we first setup our shop in 2009, recently upgraded to version 6.22 which is a much better product which also has Responsive features. Our Shop has over 1500 products https://www.stingrayrecords.net/cubecart/
  3. Recently upgraded from CC4.6 to 6.06, when products are placed in the basket, when you try to checkout you only get a blank page. Anyone experienced this ? or has a way around without having to do a clean install? I upgraded from a commercial skin, I'm now using the Foundation skin (default) http://ticketsforalluse.co.uk
  4. thank you very much for your time
  5. OK check inbox details sent
  6. BSMiller, I contacted my host, here's the reply to your question "IPV6 would not be an option we have enabled to use, only IPV4. Best regards, Fasthosts Customer Support"
  7. Installed CC6, I am already familiar with version 4 and 5 I'm having an issue with store not sending out email when a purchase is made, I've checked with my provider Fasthosts, they have confirm port 25 is not blocked plus I have another installation on the same server running ver 4 OK. I tried switching to SMTP setting using a functional SMTP server, but when I do a test I get the following error SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110) SMTP connect() failed. I then resulted to Gmail's SMTP,on port 25 & 465 that still fails Help what I'm I doing wrong
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