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  1. No ... Not yet. I figured a not-so-good temporary workaround . I guess CC should be having this feature and its just that I haven't been able to figure out how to use it.
  2. Hi, I have multiple formats of the same digital document viz. pdf, mobi and kindle. How can I give the user an option to download a format of his choice from the same location? I do not want to upload each format separately as an independent item. The user should be able to select the option (pdf or mobi or kindle) and appropriate link will be sent to him. He need not search separately for a different format.
  3. **SOLVED** How can I get access to the values of Dispatch Date and Delivery Tracking fields which are seen in the Order management --> Delivery tab? I can access the other two fields viz Shipping Method and Shipping Product thru {$DATA.ship_method} and {$DATA.ship_product} variables respectively.
  4. ** SOLVED ** Hi, I can see that the "Delivery" tab in "Orders" has a fair bit of useful information about the shipping of the product such as - tracking url, delivery date etc. How can I include this information in the "Order Complete" email which is sent to the customer? Currently the email has only limited information viz. Hi XYZ, We are pleased to say that order number 160218-173222-5577 is complete. If you have ordered physical goods they should arrive shortly. I want to add one more line below the standard content which says - Your order has been shipped on [Dispatch Date] by [Shipping Product]. Your tracking number is [Delivery tracking], and you can track your order here - [Shipping Method]. Reference fields below: Dispatch Date: Mar 11 2016 Shipping Method: www.Trackoncouriers.com Shipping Product: TrackOn Couriers Pvt. Ltd Delivery Tracking: 41120116 Gateway: Print_Order_Form
  5. I have a number of suppliers associated with me. Whenever an order is placed, I want to review the order and redirect it to the supplier for fulfilling it. How can that be done in CC6? Also, Is there a way to link a product to a specific supplier so that the supplier will automatically know of any orders placed for that product and will fulfill the order?