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  1. So, for the time being I was able to fix this by hard coding the {$META_TITLE} out and putting my text in its place in the skin's main.PHP file - but this is only experimental not the right way to do it.
  2. Yes, it is marked as the homepage and the meta-title is the same "Online Shopping Store" without the "- CubeCart" portion in it. I believe this part is hard coded somewhere.
  3. Hello, Can anyone help me guide how to remove the "CubeCart" word from the global browser tab? I created a custom document under "documents" as my homepage. I set it to my specific words to enable SEO optimization. But when I see this on the browser, the title bar shows "Online Shopping Store - CubeCart". This is messing up my SEO requirements. How do I remove it? The "Online Shopping Store" is my own addition and will be replaced by something else later.
  4. I have a number of suppliers associated with me. Whenever an order is placed, I want to review the order and redirect it to the supplier for fulfilling it. How can that be done in CC6? Also, Is there a way to link a product to a specific supplier so that the supplier will automatically know of any orders placed for that product and will fulfill the order?
  5. Hi, I am moving from windows to linux. Want to port the installation as is. I was able to replicate the DB but how do I configure the CC instance? My username/password is different in linux than in windows. I do not want to go through a fresh install all over again.
  6. Apache installed thru WAMP gives an option to load/unload modules thru a UI. Under Linux the right module (missing the exact names) will need to be downloaded I presume - just as you do with mod_write. Since my Ubuntu Laptop has come back from repairs today, I'll be setting up CC on this Linux environment. Will dig into this and post the exact steps. This link might be of help Apache Session Cookie Module
  7. Yups. The exact fix is to enable session_cookie_module and session_module in Apache.
  8. These are minutest of things which can put one off :-) There are many such small configs which get so easily missed! I have to give it to you guys for your active participation in this foru. I think now I will finally go live in July with CC as my main chariot!
  9. Al, this was helpful. Thanks! I removed and reinstalled all the session modules on the server and now I have it running on chrome too.
  10. So, after much research and experiments, I have finally concluded that CC6 has an issue with IE & Chrome and works only with Firefox based browsers. Did everything possible, from physically cleaning cache, cookies, history to setting it up in the browser, disabling caching at the server side. Nothing works. No matter what I do, the store simply replaces the previously added product with the newly selected one (instead of adding 2 products in the basket) and when I check the basket, it says Basket is empty. On the admin side, there is is persistent CSRF error which simply refuses to let me in.
  11. ​ The Admin page throws an error when logging in through Internet Explorer, Chrome, Comodo Dragon and Comodo Ice Dragon. The only browser it supports is Firefox. This is a grave error. ​ ​There is definitely a serious issue with Chrome. Attached is a snapshot of the "Store" side of the issue. Here is a step-wise description of the problem. 1. I select a product and add it to my basket 2. I select a 2nd product and add it to my basket 3. Error: Instead of including both products, the first product is replaced by the 2nd product 4. When I go to the basket, it shows your basket is empty, even though I had one product selected (limited to only 1 product due to #3) I anticipate that most of my customers would be using Chrome (Chromebook users). So, this really puts me in a catch-22 situation
  12. Interesting observation! Wonder how I missed that. Yes, I have a single quote in the product name. Will check that.
  13. Hmm. But this should affect all the products. The issue is with one or two specific products only.
  14. Hello! My current implementation is on a localhost with WAMP setup (on windows 7). Could that be an issue? However, for caching to happen, I'd expect at least one successful login or a previous login attempt. Neither are the cases. Further, I have had the cache, cookies & temp files deleted from each browser. So, it does look like a strange phenomenon to me.
  15. Thanks. I will soon let you know the implementation specifics as soon as I have finalized the flow. I don't see anything changing in the code but but will most certainly need a very very stable system.
  16. Hello DB, I am currently running the store on my local host. Could that be an issue? The env. is WAMP server setup. I accessed the store from 2 different browsers viz FF & Ice Dragon (I am unable to log in thru Chrome, IE & Comodo Dragon due to an internal error which I have raised in a different thread).
  17. ​ QUOTE: This (below) is what I see after I closed the browser and then reloaded the store. However, a customer may not know this method of fixing the error. Also, when the product is added to the cart (at the time of price showing 0.00), it is added with the 0.00 value.
  18. The product is being displayed with an amount 0.00 even though I have set all the values. This behavior is very random. Initially it was showing all correct values (actual price, sale price, multiple quantity prices etc). My product has optional pricing for different quantity sets. I had to delete the item and re-create it to allow showing of the prices. After some time, the product again started showing 0.00 as the amount. Please refer to the attached image.
  19. Thanks! This was helpful. I intend to have a range of stores catering to different needs. In fact, the new set of "stores" will support an innovative business model and hence will have alternate implementations.
  20. Does CubeCart support creation of multiple stores like nopCommerce and other software?
  21. Yes DB, I get it on FF too, but it doesn't stay for long. A couple of refreshes and all is well. But the other browsers get locked in.
  22. Noticed that the Crosshatch skin gives wrong star ratings when displaying products. The note says 2 stars but it shows 4 gray stars. I am assuming that unlike other skins, Crosshatch does not show 'golden' stars. Can someone please help?
  23. The Admin page throws an error when logging in through Internet Explorer, Chrome, Comodo Dragon and Comodo Ice Dragon. The only browser it supports is Firefox. This is a grave error. I have attached the snapshot. I cleared the cache, cookies and history in all these browsers but to no avail. Can't really have us restricted to Mozilla Firefox only. How can this issue be solved? Please advise.
  24. Hi, How can I integrate a payment gateway in CC for which there is no plugin available in the CC marketplace? I wanted to add Citruspay (www.citruspay.com) Payment gateway to my site.
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