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  1. i am not good at coding. please help me write the code directly.
  2. <?php $handle = fopen('https://www.example.com/', 'r'); $content = ''; while(!feof($handle)){ $content .= fread($handle, 8080); } echo $content; fclose($handle); ?>
  3. how to shorten search url ? the original search url is too long,need to shorten it.
  4. how to limit the number of products to show on each category instead of showing all? this will speed up if you have thousands of products on each category.
  5. how to set the number of Featured Products to show on product page?
  6. where does it located? i am using webmin/virtualmin panel. CentOS Linux 7.4.1708 /var/log/virtualmin/domain.com_error_log [fcgid:warn] mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 40 seconds, referer: /sale-items.html [core:error]End of script output before headers: index.php, referer: /sale-items.html
  7. 66000 products are not too many at all. maybe cubecart needs more work on optimizations´╗┐. select 8 products for sales items can lead to time out (500 internal error),that is really incredible. even set to 0,still time out.
  8. [fcgid:warn] mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 40 seconds, referer: /sale-items.html [core:error]End of script output before headers: index.php, referer: /sale-items.html error log has the above 2 lines. i have over 66000 products and change InnoDB to MyISAM storage.
  9. yes,but it still takes forever and then time out (500 internal error),no matter how many i set. it should be optimised for big site for the new cubecart version.
  10. where to limit number of products to show on sales items? too many products lead to internal server error.
  11. PayPal payment button,is it you are looking for? you can google it for more details.
  12. if big site,for example,1 million products. before moving,you need to make sure if you are using InnoDB or MyISAM storage. for InnoDB,use XtraBackup to backup your site. for MyISAM,use "tar czf" to copy and paste between the two servers. for small site,just log in to your database using phpmyadmin and do the backup and then import to the new server's database.
  13. it is easy. if you are using your own vps or server,just stop the email sending components. for example,for linux, service postfix stop if you are using hosting,just contact your hosting provider to do it.
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