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  1. Yes, I can see it working in FF 74.0; still no joy in Chrome or IE.
  2. CC 6.2.5 / All in One Shipping 1.0.11 / Facebook 1.0.0 / PayPal 1.0.8 / Product Addons 1.0.12 / SagePay 1.0.6 www.piscesconservation.com/cube A customer has reported that he's unable to checkout. He has added a (digital) item to his basket; he can see from the top-right corner of the page that there is an item in the basket, but he can't access the basket to begin the checkout process. Clicking on the basket has no effect. I have reproduced the issue myself in two different browsers, Chrome and IE, latest versions. The only effect of clicking on the basket icon is to change the URL from https://www.piscesconservation.com/cube/ to https://www.piscesconservation.com/cube/#. The issue appears whether or not I am logged in as a customer. I have cleared the site cache, and there are no recent entries in the Error Log. We haven't changed anything about the site for months, with the exception of adding a 15% discount code for one item - the item our customer is trying to order. I have tried ordering that item alone, in combination with other digital and physical products, and other products alone; each time the result is the same - clicking on the basket icon has no effect. Now here's the odd part; the site works perfectly in MS Edge. Since it's new behaviour, with no changes made on our part except the discount code, I'm inclined to think it's some hosting company issue; hopefully transient. Anyone have any suggestions for further enquiries? TIA, Robin
  3. I can confirm I've just implemented that change, and it works perfectly. Thanks again. R
  4. 1: Adding columns Is there any way to add a couple of extra columns into the Orders summary page? When I'm doing the monthly reckoning for our accounts, this is the most useful page to get the information from, since the existing columns: Order Number - Customer - Status - Date - Total are all items I need. What would be really great would be additional columns showing which payment gateway was used (in our case, either SagePay or PayPal), and how much VAT, if any, was included. Currently, I have to open each order individually, and check the gateway and VAT amount, which soon gets boring. The Transaction Logs page does at least show me which gateway was used - but doesn't give the customer name or order status. 2: Exporting If I could export the information from the Orders page as a CSV, it would be superb, because with the two additional columns it would be exactly what I require, no more, no less. 3: Alternatively... If the Sales Report function could include an indication of the gateway used for each sale, that too would fulfil everything I need - and it's already exportable. [EDIT: I now see that the data in the exported version of the Sales Report do include VAT, Gateway and many other things besides; what's seen online is a summary only.] Any chance? TIA Robin
  5. Thanks Al, yes, I totally get that. Our issue really is that we've got at least 12 domains; the CubeCart shop, 3 or 4 Wordpress-based sites (I can't actually remember!) and the rest plain HTML-based. I think there would be some resistance, in terms of cost (since sales through the shop site are far from being our main source of income), and admin time, to having two separate hosting companies. And there's very limited time to devote to migrating all our sites to a new host. But for the longer term it's something we do need to consider and rationalise. Cheers, Robin
  6. An update to this issue. After several emails back and forth with my hosting company, they're not willing (for which read, they can't be bothered) to load the required system time zone table to the DB server, because "it will affect other customers". So be it; lazy attitude, but we're stuck with them for the time being, so for now I've disabled 'Timezone' in the store settings. No more countless error messages. Thanks for the help.
  7. Bit of a mixed thread here, I think. I do agree their first line of tech support tends to jump to conclusions about what the customer's asking for, which isn't ideal. But thankfully it's a different hosting company to Keat's - no such password madness, yet at least!
  8. Good point, and well made. Many thanks R
  9. My hosting co. say "We have changed the timezone to Europe/London.". Looking at the error logs, I'm still getting the errors, albeit at a much reduced rate. Today, 17:06 File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [26] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/London'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London' Today, 17:03 File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [26] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/London'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London' Today, 17:02 File: [controller.index.inc.php] Line: [27] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/London'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London' Today, 17:02 File: [controller.index.inc.php] Line: [27] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/London'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London' Today, 17:02 File: [controller.index.inc.php] Line: [27] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/London'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London' Looking at info.php for the site, I see: date date/time support enabled "Olson" Timezone Database Version 2018.9 Timezone Database external Default timezone Europe/London Directive Local Value Master Value date.default_latitude 31.7667 31.7667 date.default_longitude 35.2333 35.2333 date.sunrise_zenith 90.583333 90.583333 date.sunset_zenith 90.583333 90.583333 date.timezone Europe/London no value Is that as it should be?
  10. Pretty damn frustrating. The workaround is obviously to make whatever changes are necessary in the Plain Text version first, switch to HTML Content, paste in your code, make the same changes there, then save. But aggravating nonetheless. Luckily the changes I'm making are trivial. Thanks again for your help. R
  11. Does merely *looking* at the HTML Content tab break it? I've just checked the HTML Content again, and it's: <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below:</p> <!--{foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download}--> <p><strong>{$download.name}:</strong> (Link expires on {$download.expire}<strong>)</strong></strong></p> Didn't change anything at all. Switched to the Plain Text Content tab, deleted one small word, clicked Save, and I'm back with the error again. Copied/pasted your suggested code above into the Editor once again, clicked Save: no error.
  12. OK, I've copied that in to Notepad, saved it, closed the file, re-opened, selected and copied, then pasted into the Editor in the HTML Content tab. Clicked Save, and it saves without the error message. So far so good, many thanks! I've run out of time this afternoon, I'll revisit it later this evening or tomorrow morning. Thanks again R
  13. I've not (at least within living memory) revised any of the other templates - and I have in any case restored the defaults, using the option to do that on the Import tab. The full error is: [Exception] /home/u101124/public_html/piscesconservation.com/cube/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:7 - Syntax error in template "string: Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize}, ..." on line 7 "" unclosed {foreach} tag
  14. Yep, done that (with the additional precaution of copying from here, pasting into Notepad, then copying/pasting into the Editor). Still getting the error, unfortunately.
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