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  1. Thank you, Al. The code changes are not especially complex, and I annotated them reasonably well at the time and kept copies of the amended files. The more complex issue (for me at least) is getting the site from our old legacy server - which isn't capable of running the more recent versions, hence all sorts of grief - to the new platform (which is hosted by the same ISP). Assuming your managed support plan is the advertised £40/month plus setup costs, that seems reasonable, so we'll likely go for that option, as soon as we've provisioned the new platform. Thanks again.
  2. We're very shortly moving our shop to a new server, and in the process, updating CC from the aged 6.06 (yes, I know...) to the most recent version. My assumption is that the process, simplified, should go more or less as follows: 1. Take backups of existing site. 2. Re-acquaint self with code modifications, and the reasons for them. 3. Install old version of CC on new server. 4. Import site from backups. 5. Re-apply code mods. 6. Ensure site is working and take more backups. 7. Update CC to the latest version. 8. Re-apply code mods. 9. Update plugins. Am I missing anything crucial? Shop: www.piscesconservation.com/cube CC: 6.0.6, Skin: Foundation, Plugins: All In One Shipping, Facebook, PayPal, ProductAddons, SagePay
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