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  1. Yes that's fine. (just as background for anyone else reading this... I suppose each stallholder is different, but for me the stock come in fixed sizes and colours. I can order any choice of sizes, but for some stock there is a long lead time so I need to be more organised. When I make stuff like belts, it makes sense for each size to be part of the same product; I can fiddle about with different straps at the last minute after an order has come in, so I can see why it it's easier have fewer products and relate each size to one product. Less products. Simpler sales records. Some stallholders have a system of buying pre-packed cartons of clothing in fixed size ranges, so I suppose they'd relate each size to a single product as well;)
  2. Thanks! I'm not quite sure how to do this but will look back at the forum at intervals and maybe say where I get stuck and post screen shots. If I can do anything to help just let me know. goodnight
  3. Thanks for help! Just to check I'm not missing something: Is there a way to group 10 products, called sizes 1-10, on a page together with one photo and a drop-down menu to select? That way I suppose I'd get a visible table.
  4. My specific requirement: Can Cubecart 6 monitor stock levels of different size attributes of my products? And present that information as a table? I'm not the person who started the thread 4 months ago but in a similar position. I have installed Cubecart 6 on a test server and started watching videos and reading threads.
  5. Is the same true of Cubecart 6? Or is there a separate thread for that I should read? (Thanks to anyone who replies - I'm sure I could find out somehow if I searched enough)
  6. ♦Royal Mail uses a different list of country names to anyone else, but only has 4 world pricing zones and a reasonable set of weights, so a template could help a shopkeeper set prices for different weights to different countries. ♦Royal Mail has cheap & green prices like £2.80 2nd class 2kg UK-to-UK, small parcels size, proof of posting included. No tracking. ♦Royal Mail has a confusing & changing list of services, but only a few that each vendor would use often, so a base to get started would help. ♦Royal Mail has not realised that they'd make more money if they wrote free plugins for shopping cart companies. As CC and some of the users are based in the UK, anyone could ask an MP to forward a letter to Royal Mail asking for something reasonable. I don't know if there would be a reply but it's free via writetothemcom. ♦Royal Mail's size constraints for international postage are obscure while they have I think 4 of them for UK-to-UK, The way they publish changes of price are obscure to me although other people probably understand and I've never been caught-out. If you are a small-scale UK shopkeeper using their published price list for parcels dropped-off at a post office, you can probably cope with their occasional price changes or unclear pricing. You might even want an addon that prints out a Drop And Go sheet for each batch that you take to the post office. If anyone could write a "getting started with Royal Mail" plugin that lists their 4 world zones automatically that would be great. Maybe it could list prices for a given parcel size and warn users that anyone who has different-sized parcels or wants a different service needs to edit the plugin, and that shopkeepers need to keep track of price changes.
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