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  1. I haven't had any luck. I am using 2 Checkout(which seems to be working quite well) for now until I can find something else that works well and has lower fees.
  2. I have just signed up for Braintree's sandbox, and installed the braintree extension, but I have a few questions. -Is there any way to get rid of the Choose Payment Gateway section when I start the checkout process? I only have one payment extension installed. -When I go to check out (in sandbox with fake credit card provided by Braintree) the security lock doesn't show up in the browser. Is there a way for this to show up? -When I click check out it shows a pending order in my admin view, but it takes me back to the checkout form without any verification that the transaction took place. Is there any way to get some sort of feedback/receipt here? I have tried searching for these items, but haven't had any success Any help would be appreciated, also if someone would recommend a different CC processor that works well with CubeCart I would gladly take that recommendation. Ideally I would like no monthly fees, and low ongoing fees.
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