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  1. My products used to have the names of the product then a short description underneath the user could then click on the product title and it would take them to the product to purchase

    Now the product title has disappeared and only the image of the product and the short description remains and I cant figure out why

    the only way shoppers can now view the product is to click the image where before it would show the product title that was clickable.

    These have Disappeared and not sure why.




  2. This will require making some complicated changes to the code at various places in the codebase.

    This is not a feature of CubeCart where the admin simply creates a new status the same way as creating a new product.

    ok so how do we go about getting this done - I just need to know where and what to edit

  3. That is to say, the white is part of the image.

    To remove it, load the image in an image editor and cut off the white band.

    its not an image it something todo with the code, (right mouse on the area and you cant save as image, but you can on the actual logo)


    I want to remove the white space here....




  4. The big white box at the top? I see the logo in the middle of it.

    If you are referring to the white blocks sitting on top of what parts of the background image you have in place, there are 196 pixels worth of white that is at the top of the image. That is to say, the white is part of the image.

    yes that bit - how do I get rid of that - which file needs to be edited.

  5. In the Foundation skin (presuming), try by adding this CSS rule to the file cubcart.default.css:

    .inner-wrap { background-image: url("path/to/image.png"); }




    how do I get rid of the big white box at the top ?



    im using skin e-Tone blue and adjusting the width of the cart so you can see more background (its also slightly off center)

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