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  1. Thank you so much, my IT person had now advised he had done that bit already. Grateful for your help Kind regards Laura
  2. thanks very much for this - I am very grateful for your help, there was one item in snippets which I deleted but I do not know where to find the sites folders? to complete the second bit /includes/extra/. Can you advise - I am not very good at this......!! I did upgrade to the V6.0.8 this morning though.
  3. I was using V6.0.5 until this morning and upgraded in the last half hour to V6.0.8.
  4. It appears that someone has hacked my website - a wig company of all things - and my IT person has asked me to check that my shop is secure. I have pasted his words below but to me all this is a different language. He is asking to check with cubecart if: to check if there are any insecure shop scripts that a hacker can gain entry with?
  5. I would like one section in my shop to only display handcrafted wedding stationery, advising customers of the details of the item but to contact me for current prices. Can i remove the buy now buttonin one category only?
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