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  1. Hi! So I put the dropbox saver button javascript in the cart.tpl file from my dropbox api panel. Its a simple <script>. I added just before the closing </body> tag so that it loads last on the page which is much better for page speed testing. Then I went into the vieworder.tpl and I duplicated the download link to look like this: <!-- BEGIN: digital_link --> <br /> <a href="{VAL_DOWNLOAD_LINK}" class="txtUpdate">{LANG_DOWNLOAD_LINK}</a> or <a href="{VAL_DOWNLOAD_LINK}" class="dropbox-saver"></a> <!-- END: digital_link --> On the front end, when the save to dropbox button is clicked, it tried to download the download.php file. I'm assuming its because the link is encoded and dynamic. I've gotten it to work fine for other platforms. What do you guys think? BTW, this is on 3.0 store. I tried to update all the way to 6.0 but it didnt work out :/
  2. ok so a summary: 1) I have admin.php 500 server errors and cannot login to admin (its a white page and the errors are listed above) 2) I went into cubecart_downloads and set the order_inv_id to = the digital_id column so those match now per the instructions in the knowledge base 3) I login to a customer account on the website front end and navigate to Downloads a- The Product Name and Product File name DONT match see the attached image b- When I click on the button that says 'Download' -it tries to download a completely different file! c- The Download results in a 403 error d- The error log shows this is happening when a link is clicked: [03-Feb-2016 08:52:52 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'FM_DL_ERROR_NORECORD' in /home/legacyplanetappl/public_html/classes/filemanager.class.php on line 405 Im bout to just buy tech support....can they fix this?
  3. admin.php? gives this error in error log [03-Feb-2016 08:16:41 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 78 bytes) in /home/legacyplanetappl/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 208 which is this in the php file: $this->_result[] = array_map(array(&$this, 'strip_slashes'), $row);
  4. ok upgrade is complete!! Now...i went to admin.php and its just a white screen :/
  5. cool i pushed that limiter up again hehe. Yes its one hellava database...several gigs. I'm going to read that topic right now! I read it. Ok that makes me feel better because I LOVE THE DOWNLOADS TAB in My Account If for for reason it does not copy those values..i will run a sql command to copy one column to the other bsmither, wouldnt this be easier for me to just install 6.0 right off the batt and then import my database and make the changes to the database if it needs it? I know you dont normally recommend this to folks because of mods and customizations...but im wondering in my case if it would be easier. Last year you told me to load cc3, import my tables, then upgrade to 6.0. And that works fine for most folks probably...but because my tables are so large...im wondering if i would get this done quicker if I do my changes directly to 6.0 databse
  6. im coming in late on this...but I do this every 6 months. First time I did it there were like 8,000 of those 'fake' customers. Here is the SQL command I used in phpmyadmin on my granny version 3.0 store: DELETE FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE noOrders = 0 AND regTime < 1454012330; Since you are running 6.0 then you would probably run it like this: DELETE FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE order_count = 0 AND registered < 1460000000; or even better: DELETE FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE order_count = 0; It will clean house in a second! i like to put a timestamp on it so that if someone has been shopping in the past two weeks and havent donea checkout yet and are still thinking...then they wont be lost and end up having to reregister.
  7. the latest error (I keep refreshing it each time the setup stops): [03-Feb-2016 06:44:19 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 900 seconds exceeded in /home/legacyplanetappl/public_html/classes/cache/file.class.php on line 61 I'm assuming when its all done then those downloads will work ? If not let me know now haha! I will figure out something to do about that. I mess with databases all the time and do a LOT or bulk editing importing and exporting of sql files im assuming the setup script...it does a little and then the poor thing gets tuckered out. I hit refresh and it does a little more and so on..eventually I think if I keep refreshing it will be upgraded to 6.0.10 hopefully before the sun rises its 2am here thats what i get for running on 3.0 for 10 years! When its time to upgrade its not fun to put it sweetly
  8. btw...a long time ago I reset all my customers download links to expire in like 40 years lol...I did a mass update to the table and column to make sure there were no limits for our customers. So the download links should not be expired.
  9. im up late...i refuse to sleep until I get this done...wheres my coffee lol Why cant I just install a fresh 6.0.10 install and import my tables? ALSO while im sitting here..I logged into a customer account on the front side to see download links. They all say "This download is no longer available." for every link. If I do get this thing upgraded will this resolve or is there something else I need to do? Thanks in advance...I'm still searching the forum for like problems.
  10. it went a little further...now its on 5.2.14 or something and I have a new php error: if (!preg_match('#^\w:\d+:\{(.+)\}$#su', $input)) { $input = stripslashes($input); this is line 694 of the database.class.php
  11. i didnt upload any product pics...they wont be seen anywhoo so I thought id leave them out...should I add them to the images folder? Is it causing an issue for them not to be there? well I made the changes both the setup/index.php and also the WHM I changed the php settings in there to match those in the file...well I actually did 4000M for memory instead of 256M. Now it just spins and spins...like its stuck /cry
  12. [03-Feb-2016 01:32:23 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 608 bytes) in /home/legacyplanetappl/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 200
  13. what do you recommend for php settings to get the install to go through smooth? It looks to be stuck at 5.0.0b1. I came back to my desk and the screen was blank...so I initiated the setup again from IE and it poped up but its still at 5.0.0b1 I have the worst luck I swear!
  14. sign...lovely! Ok I'll try it again looks like its resuming from 5.0.0b1...fingers crossed i have a dedicated server..so I bumped up the times on the php config
  15. lol! Thanks Dirty. So I started the upgrade and after a while I got an internal 500 error. I have no clue if the upgrade went all the way through,but I deleted the setup folder to see if it would go away and it did. Next issue I tried to login to admin and got a 404 error lol. So I read online that admin access is now admin.php for security reasons. I typed that in and now my password wont work. So I went into the database and deleted the salt and manually reset the password and MD5'd it. I was able to login but it was a blank screen. So I closed the window and tried again and now I get a 500 server error again! Everything that is a link on the front end of the website returns a 404 error. I'm assuming I need to do something in the admin to correct that part but I cant login. Store url is: www.legacyplanetapplique.com Any insights? The plot thickens...
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