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  1. Hey all, happy new year and possibly the first question of it !! In definitions.xml and product.index, I've been trying to add further items to the "conditions" such as "Used: Like New", "Used: Very Good" and "Used: Good" and although they show up OK in the admin panel and I can select and save those conditions, they never seem to show on the product page. I've since reverted the changes and kept everything the way it was, apart from edit the language section in the ACP which now reads: "condition_new" as New, "condition_used" as Used: Like New and "condition_refurbished" as Used: Very Good and again, all showing up in the admin panel no problems but again, if I select the condition, for example, "Used: Very Good" the product page is showing "Refurbished". I've cleared the cache several times via the ACP as well as my browsers, etc, but nothing seems to show as it should on the product page. Probably something very simple that I'm missing but I'm humped if I can figure it out. Any help greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Marko Can't believe me sometimes, as soon as I post the question it suddenly dawns on me - I had to edit both the "Catalogue" language and "Common" language to get this to work. So, I guess my next question then is, if I were to manually change the "definitions.xml" and "product.index" templates to add more "conditions", how do they then not show up on the product pages?. Thanks again Marko .... and just another to be a complete annoyance - I'm calling the condition on the homepage too, using "{$PRODUCT.condition}", but it's still not showing ??
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