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  1. okay thanks bsmither. I'll try that out. i assumed that it would take those product dimensions all the time (which didn't make sense to me).
  2. I'm trying to test my website - I'm a newbie when it comes to website design and need help! After finding out that UPS plugin doesn't work for parcels where location of origin is a Canadian address (doesn't like Canadian Postal code), I turned to Canada Post and installed the free plugin (version 1.02). with Cubecart 6.07. I have configured my site to use kg and CAD for currency. I have configured the following fields : merchant ID, origin Postal Code, Handling cost (which I assume will get added on to whatever rate CP sends back), tax type =Standard rate and all checkboxes under 'Domestic Services" selected ( I'm only selling within Canada). All other fields have been left blank. I have tried to checkout an item as a text and noticed that I get the following show up in my request log (with my merchantCPICID changed): Request Sent - http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/ <eparcel> <language>en</language> <ratesAndServicesRequest> <merchantCPCID>MY_MERCHANT_CPCID</merchantCPCID> <fromPostalCode>K8V 6J4</fromPostalCode> <itemsPrice>15.00</itemsPrice> <lineItems> <item> <quantity>1</quantity> <weight>10</weight> <length></length> <width></width> <height></height> <description>Online Order</description> </item> </lineItems> <city>Trenton</city> <provOrState>Ontario</provOrState> <country>CA</country> <postalCode>K8V 6J4</postalCode> </ratesAndServicesRequest> </eparcel>Response received <?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE eparcel [ <!ELEMENT eparcel (error)> <!ELEMENT error (statusCode,statusMessage*, requestID)> <!ELEMENT statusCode (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT statusMessage (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT requestID (#PCDATA)> ]> <eparcel> <error> <statusCode>-5000</statusCode> <statusMessage>XML parsing error. </statusMessage> <requestID>1906994</requestID> </error> </eparcel> <!--END_OF_EPARCEL--> I need help troubleshooting this response. Is it because I do not have anything entered for dimensions? - The weight was autofilled based on the product configuration. However, I looked at product configuration tabs and there is no option to add in product dimensions. I have multiple product of different dimensions, so i'm not sure what I would put in the plugin configuration? Does CP plugin need dimensions in order to give a valid quote? Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated!
  3. thanks bsmither. I will try this out and see if it is sufficient space to list what I want.
  4. I have Cubecart 6.07 installed. I've added several products to my store. I started entering text in the "short descripton" (optional) box of the product description tab. If I enter texts as bullets and then look at the webpage, the bullets don't show and there is no line spacing. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. I am new to Cubecart and setting up my storefront. I've added a couple of categories and some products. I would like to promote other products for purchase to people based on their shopping cart contents. For example, if someone added a camera to their basket, I might want to suggest purchasing a carrying case or other accessories. Is there a way to do this Cubecart? I am using the Foundation skin.
  6. I'm not sure if this makes a difference for anyone - I was having 404 not found issues as well when I tried to reach certain pages for my cubecart admin. I contacted my webhost provider and they fixed it by commenting out the 'AddHandler" code in the .htaccess file under my cube directory. ( they had upgraded the default PHP version to 5.4). Hope this is helpful to anyone else that runs into this issue (although I am a newbie and am in no way as experienced as bsmither who also responded to this post.)
  7. Dirty Butter, Thanks for the link to the decoder. I had tried a different one and it didn't decode properly. using the link you provided, I was able to see the text with no problem. Between input from you and Bsmither, my problem is resolved! Thanks so much!
  8. thanks so much bsmither. You are a wealth of knowledge. I found the file and used an online decoder but only the first set of words is visible. after that, it is still garbled. I used the exact same method on the new version of the database and it decoded no problem - not sure why the original string is not decoding in the same way. Atleast now I know that it is an encoded string and won't waste time searching for a string that doesn't exist in the way I would expect Your help is much appreciated.
  9. I did a backup of my files before reinstalling cubecart v 6.06. I do not want to do a restore because I made changes to various files. However, I would like to copy and paste the information that I had written for my Contact us form - Except, I cannot seem to find where the text is stored! - I have looked in the sql database file (where the "About us, terms and conditions, privacy" text seems to be added). But there is nothing for Contact us. To be clear here is the path I am referring to in Cubecart. From File Manager-> Contact Form ->Content Tab -> There is a text window that I can update Where does this text get stored?
  10. bsmither, thank you so very much for taking the time to provide such a detailed and well laid out response. I have made the changes, but there seems to be a problem with the server at the moment and I can't save/test the changes. I will try again tomorrow. Your help is very much appreciated!
  11. Hello, I am new to cubecart. I am trying to modify the Contact us form to request the user to include a phone number and concatenate that information with the email "enquiry" section (i.e. email message body). I'm looking for someone to help me understand, step by step, how I can most easily do this. I am using the "Foundation" skin/template and have been trying to play around with the content.contact.php file - I have managed to get it to display a field for entering the phone number, but I don't know how to get the information to be added to the email body.
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