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  1. I am trying to get the Amazon checkout to work on version 6. I have all of the information entered but when I try to check out, it does not show amazon is available. All it says is that my order is pending. If I turn on PayPal, it works fine. Is there something simple that I missed?
  2. Thank you for the quick response. I went to that link but I don't think we are talking about the same thing. Our products are many different graphic prints (screen printing). After the customer picks a graphic, they then choose the type of garment they want (T-shirt, Long sleeve t, Tank top, Sweatshirt, etc..) At this point we need only a certain selection of colors for the next option depending upon what garment they pick. Not all garments have the same color availability. We would also have other options such as size.
  3. Hello, We are currently running CC 6.0.6. Our store sells garments with printed graphics applied to T-shirts, Long Sleeve T's, sweatshirts, Ladies apparel, etc.. The customer first selects the graphic (product) and next selects the garment style, color, size. Our problem is that not all garment types are available in the same colors. What we desire is: 1. customer selects product (Graphic) 2. then selects garment type 3. At this point we need to have the following option variables (such as color ) to be determined by the selection in step number two. (example they pick ladies racerback tank that is only available in 3 colors instead of a T-shirt that is available in 10 colors)
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