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  1. PayPal Express Errors

    I have to disagree with Ian on this, Authorization & Capture is for merchants who may have a delay in their order fulfillment process. Auth & Cap also means no contract is formed until the seller takes the charge when they are ready to ship. Many online businesses selling goods use this method and I want to use it too. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work properly on PayPal Express for CubeCart in Test mode (yet but that nice Mr Brookbank is on the case). I have no idea if it works in live mode. Clive
  2. You and me both! I am a stickler for best practice and cannot believe there is apparently so little demand for this. I can only assume either every other CC user is cheerfully capturing each payment manually at their Payment Gateway (e.g. PayPal) or happily running the risks associated with such practice - in some cases in breach of their own terms and conditions! Zero-stock man-in-the-middle sites probably don't care.
  3. [Resolved] CC6 Subtheme

    Yup, that's fixed it - many thanks
  4. [Resolved] CC6 Subtheme

    Nothing at all. Just copied B. Smithers cide and instructions as per Jan 7 post above. Then I reduced the width of the browser window. Menu bar behaves strangely. Tried it in latest Windows versions of Chrome & Firefox.
  5. [Resolved] CC6 Subtheme

    I just tried this on 6.0.7 and it certainly changes the colours, but when I shrink the window the menu bar changes to SHOP BY CATEGORY in the dropeddown state and will not return to the non-dropped-down state until the screen is returned to a large size.
  6. Does anybody else find a drop-down list with 5,428 items a tad unwieldy? Not being Amazon, Tesco's or Alibaba I don't need more than a handfull of categories. I edited a copy of my case reducing it from 425 kB to 2kB and hacked // ~$request = new Request('', '/basepages/producttype/taxonomy.'.$taxonomy_lang.'.txt'); $request = new Request('', '/googlecat.txt'); // ~ Not a great solution as I have to re-do on upgrade. Could we have a setting somewhere to get the info from another source, or some other means to limit the list to product categories we might concievable need?