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  1. With the upcoming General Data Protection Act are there any plans to assist compliance or harden security e.g. encrypt customer data held in the database? Any thoughts...?
  2. PayPal Express Errors

    I have to disagree with Ian on this, Authorization & Capture is for merchants who may have a delay in their order fulfillment process. Auth & Cap also means no contract is formed until the seller takes the charge when they are ready to ship. Many online businesses selling goods use this method and I want to use it too. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work properly on PayPal Express for CubeCart in Test mode (yet but that nice Mr Brookbank is on the case). I have no idea if it works in live mode. Clive
  3. You and me both! I am a stickler for best practice and cannot believe there is apparently so little demand for this. I can only assume either every other CC user is cheerfully capturing each payment manually at their Payment Gateway (e.g. PayPal) or happily running the risks associated with such practice - in some cases in breach of their own terms and conditions! Zero-stock man-in-the-middle sites probably don't care.
  4. [Resolved] CC6 Subtheme

    Yup, that's fixed it - many thanks
  5. [Resolved] CC6 Subtheme

    Nothing at all. Just copied B. Smithers cide and instructions as per Jan 7 post above. Then I reduced the width of the browser window. Menu bar behaves strangely. Tried it in latest Windows versions of Chrome & Firefox.
  6. [Resolved] CC6 Subtheme

    I just tried this on 6.0.7 and it certainly changes the colours, but when I shrink the window the menu bar changes to SHOP BY CATEGORY in the dropeddown state and will not return to the non-dropped-down state until the screen is returned to a large size.
  7. Does anybody else find a drop-down list with 5,428 items a tad unwieldy? Not being Amazon, Tesco's or Alibaba I don't need more than a handfull of categories. I edited a copy of my case reducing it from 425 kB to 2kB and hacked // ~$request = new Request('', '/basepages/producttype/taxonomy.'.$taxonomy_lang.'.txt'); $request = new Request('', '/googlecat.txt'); // ~ Not a great solution as I have to re-do on upgrade. Could we have a setting somewhere to get the info from another source, or some other means to limit the list to product categories we might concievable need?