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  1. Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions. I have set up a new site to focus primarily on one group of products that I also sell on my main site. I want to import only these categories and products to the new site. What is best way to do this? Also I want to create a shared inventory between the two. For example if a product is sold from one site it deducts from other. Any thoughts? 8-)
  2. Don't know why it it changed it but anyway thanks for the advice. Did manual upgrade to latest version and all is well. Peace and order has been restored 8-)
  3. Hiya. I put the https in front and it worked. 8-)
  4. Hi Rosemary, I have an Admin folder and Admin folder with random characters. Niall Hi Rosemary I have the Admin Folder and Admin folder with random characters and I have admin php files and admin php with characters too. I don't know if it means anything but the characters on the admin folder are different from the admin php files. I was on version 6.1.6 and was upgrading to 6.1.7 If I upload the new version manually via FTP, should that correct the problem? Niall
  5. Hi guys I clicked on the upgrade to the newer version of cubecart and got a message to upgrade manually using FTP so I figured I do it later. But since then I haven't been able to login to the website. I keep getting the attached error message. Might it have created a new login URL and if so how do i access it?
  6. That's brilliant. Just installed it and all seems to be working properly. That's brilliant. Thanks a million Ian.
  7. That would be brilliant. Thanks Ian. I'll do that now. Niall
  8. Thanks Rosemary, I only figured out how to change the favicon for someone else about a month ago and never got round to doing my own. 8-) Will do tonight 8-) Niall
  9. Hiya Rosemary, That result will only show because of the myfancydress part. Its just when a costumer does a search for lets say "flapper dress Ireland" or "1920's costume Ireland" or even "pirate costumes ireland" this is what shows up on the search results page. My Fancy Dress Costume Shop https://www.myfancydress.ie/ Here at My Fancy Dress, as one of Ireland's largest online costume shops, we hope our collection of Kids, womens men's and couples outfits will provide you ... You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 05/04/17 People tend to only click on results that has the keyword that they searched for in it. As you can see there's no mention of the word flapper or 1920's in the results even though I have this meta data filed in on the category and the products themselves. Its just seems to be drawing the results from the meta data on the homepage document meta data and not any of individual categories. Its happening for all the different categories results on google. https://www.google.ie/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=uniform+costumes+ireland https://www.google.ie/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=pirate+costumes+ireland https://www.google.ie/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=flapper+dress+ireland
  10. Cheers guys. I tryied the reinstall after upgrading the ioncube last night but no joy. Ian, I'm running PHP 7
  11. Hiy guys, Just wondering if any one has ideas on this one. The homepage Meta Title and Description is overiding all the other meta description. I've screenshot what I mean under the images Meta title 1,2 & 3. So if I type ladies 60's costumes or ladies flapper costumes it brings up the homepage meta description and meta title. As you can see from store setting image I have the Product, Category & Document Meta Data set to Replace Global Meta Data but it's still doing this. Any thoughts? Is there something I might be missing or need to change. I enclosed screen shot of the SEO for the Flapper costumes. Cheers in advance Niall
  12. Hiya Ian, Sorry I didn't realise about the ticket system. I'll know for the next time. Apologises. The ioncube was running but I reinstalled the newer version of ioncube 6.9 again but still no joy. I'll try reinstalling plugin. The marketplace seems to be down at moment so 'll try again in morning. Cheers Niall
  13. I wonder if someone can help or advise. I tried messaging Havenswift a couple days ago but no answer. I installed the Google schema.org Microdata plugin on my site but when i click on it it gives the message in the image. I can't access it to get it working. Any ideas or is there a plugin for this that someone can recommend? I checked with the hosting and ioncube is installed. I installed it with the token option. Is there something I may be missing or need to do. Or is there documentation. I also logged out and logged back in. Kind regards Niall
  14. Hiya,

    I wonder if you can help. I just installed the google microdata plugin on my site but when i click on it it gives the message in the image.

    I checked with the hosting and ioncube is installed. I installed it with the token option. Is there something I may be missing or need to do. Or is there documentation. I also logged out and logged back in.

    Kind regards


    google microdata.JPG

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      Just wondering if you got my last message?


  15. Hi guys, Upgraded my cubecart to 6.12 and now getting a blank screen on website and website admin with the following message You need PHP 5.4 or higher to use CubeCart. Please can some tell me how to fix this. Niall I contacted host. The site needed to be migrated to newer system.
  16. Thanks a mllion for the info Harris. I'll check out Lipperhey straight away 8-)
  17. Hiya I'm to improve the SEO rankings for my website. I'm starting to make progress but I'm noticing that if I do a search for lets say pirate costumes ireland or flapper costumes it brings me up alright but gives description of my webpage but not the category or webpage. Is this caused by a conflict between having a meta description and meta title in both documents and in the search engine of store setting. Should I delete one of them and if so which one? I've attached photos. My website is myfancydress.ie Cheers guys 8-)
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