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  1. Hi I'm exporting my products using the Export Catolgue function. The receiving platforms CSV is different so I have to copy and paste the rows into their template but I can't seem to find a row of Custom SEO URL Path in the cubecart CSV file. Is there another way to export products with all the necessary fields? 

  2. Hi

    I cleared the cache and image cache and now I'm getting a blank screen on the desktop version of site. The mobile version is still working though. I tried upgrading to version 6.13,  but still no joy.  I tryed checking the error log but it keeps showing a spinning circle and not allowing me to access "admin error log" or "system error log" The "system error log" is showing that there's a number of errors but as I said I can't access it

  3. Merry Christmas peeps. Any thoughts on a solution for this. When you click add to basket button on mobile version of my site its not very obvious that the item has been added. It's appears as a small little icon but on a smart phone when you click add to basket, you can't see that's been added unless you scroll back up which you wouldn't think of doing. Any thoughts on a solution for this? Is there a way to make it more apparent that the item has been added to the basket? Or as a last resort to maybe even to bring them to the checkout page when they click add to basket?

    The website is https://www.myfancydress.ie if you want to see for yourself what I mean





  4. Hi guys 

    I recently updated the shipping plugin and the free shipping isn't working properly. When a costumer was buying over 50 euros its set to give them free shipping. Whats happening now is that its basing it on the totals excluding the VAT so the customers aren't receiving the free shipping. Is there a way to set it to read the totals including the Vat so that this doesn't happen?

  5. Cheers guys. I'll check with noodle and see if he has something.

    What I had in mind was something like google Base that you can set it to update at a certain time of day or else something I can do manually. 

    Thanks for pointing out the Google duplicate issue. To avoid this I could change the meta description and title on the products on the new site but set the transfer thing to only update name and stock level so that the 2 websites will be different

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