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  1. Hi bsmither. I have the same problem and I followed the code changes but I am getting error as: Sorry, that code has expired Please assist. Thanks.
  2. Hi all. I am using stripe for a while now with no issue. The only thing I am looking for is for the ability to have digital wallets to be executed during the payment. E.g. instead of needing to input the credit card details- either google pay or apple pay would be triggered on mobile phone transactions. Is this available now on the cubecart-stripe integration? Thank you.
  3. Hi Patrick. Is your skin based on foundation? I have a few extension I like to have such as AJAX configurable search box, abandoned carts, also purchased... Thanks Mario
  4. Thanks Peter. Zippay has this online info. Is this not enough as it looks quite detail https://api.zipmoney.com.au/Home/LightboxApi
  5. Someone has an update on this ? Either for Afterpay or Zippay? Thanks
  6. Hello Dirty Butter...needing help please...my site is down :

    1. Dirty Butter

      Dirty Butter

      Mario I wouldn't be the one to ask for help. Please post on the forum and hopefully one of the knowledgeable people on the forum can help you.

      Good luck!!

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