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  1. Simple Freight Calculator

    I want to put on the homepage or FAQ section.
  2. Simple Freight Calculator

    Not on the product page Dirty Butter. It will be a simple one which would go like: Type your postcode Type your estimated weight of the item you want to buy to get an estimate shipping fee. Then click ESTIMATE SHIPPING.
  3. Simple Freight Calculator

    Hello. There a number of times the customer would ask a freight question even without making an order. I only have Australia to ship and only one shipping module I.e. the All-in-one.
  4. Simple Freight Calculator

    Hello. Is there an existing html code that can be used to extract the actual freight cost that will be computed by "all in one shipping" I.e. using customer postcode and weight? I would like to add as a link so customer can get estimate before making an order. Thanks Regards Goffrey
  5. Lazada, Amazon style

    Hello. Would there be a possibility to have on cubecart a platform similar to Lazada or Amazon where there a number of sellers on one site? Regards Goffrey
  6. [Resolved] All In One Shipping CLONE

    Thank you so much
  7. Hello, I have a working cubecart site and I am creating another one. I want to use the same data inputted on the "ALL IN ONE SHIPPING". Is there a faster way of doing this? Regards Mario
  8. [Resolved] CLONING OF PRODUCT

    Thank you guys.
  9. I am getting this error when I am cloning a product. Please assist. Thanks. /sources/settings#Extra/ - not found.
  10. [Resolved] CLEAN SKIN

    Hello Dirty Butter, Thanks made changes on content.homepage.php
  11. It appears that the developer of this skin has left. I purchased this before and is starting to use. One question that I have is to how change the link on the slider/s. See site: Thank you.
  12. SSL on and off

    would anyone know if the SSL enable or disable function take effect immediately...
  13. Hello Dirty Butter...needing help site is down :

    1. Dirty Butter

      Dirty Butter

      Mario I wouldn't be the one to ask for help. Please post on the forum and hopefully one of the knowledgeable people on the forum can help you.

      Good luck!!

  14. Creating Gift Certificates

    Hello. Digital product is deemed to be digital product. How to remove the shipping component?
  15. Coupon for Free shipping in Cubecart 6 did you do your free shipping regardless of product?