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  1. Hi Ian. Please send example. I am very interested. Thank you
  2. Hi guys. Is there a way I could record failed logins? Thank you.
  3. my PHP is 7.4, the max for this is only 7.3...would it work on my site?
  4. Please help When customer choose "product option", there is strange array of strings e.g. YToxOntpOjU0OTtzOjI0OiI6IENUTjogMjAqIDFrZyAoJDM2MC4wMCkiO30= appearing on item description. This is I think related to the Deluxe Product Options CC6 Plugin which is not supported anymore. How do I get rid of this? Thank you. Product $360.001 x Assam Milk Tea, 1kg - MIL43VRB98-3 ($360.00) YToxOntpOjU0OTtzOjI0OiI6IENUTjogMjAqIDFrZyAoJDM2MC4wMCkiO30= Subtotal: $360.00 Total Discount : $0.00 Shipping: $18.72 GST: $37.87 Grand Total: $416.59
  5. Hi. I just saw this discussion. I had this issue but I clicked "Rebuild Sitemap" on maintenance and fixed the .html issue. Best wishes
  6. hi all. I just upgraded to 6.4.2 with no issue. I just had to rebuild sitemap since all my category links are gone. But the question is that my admin does not show at all any of the new features 6.4.2 has to offer. It is like I have not done an upgrade at all. Nothing of the What3Words , SendGrid,. Discount codes enhancement, images file folder, etc... Should I do something more?
  7. hello bsmither Still do not work for some reason. I think I will just leave it as it is. There are more enhancement I could really like to have. I will email you. Thank you Regards Mario
  8. Thanks bsmither...I did what you instructed but it does not seem to work. I uploaded the two(2) related original files on https://wetransfer.com/downloads/4179f3b2cf531021906ae8de9561168820201101134432/20801f2666449f7dc098ece6ac38419020201101134432/8bfcca
  9. Thanks bsmither, I temporarily put the instructions on https://www.bubbletea.com.au/site/carousel.html I looked at the template but it does show how to position the carousel below the bx slider
  10. Hello. I bought recently this extension but no more help available since SemperFiWebServices is not responding anymore. The plugin is working but I want to define where I want to run the slider. Currently when I turn on to show at homepage-- it slides on top of the main BX SLIDER I want it on homepage but far below the homepage. PLS HELP. THANK YOU
  11. Hi bsmither. I have the same problem and I followed the code changes but I am getting error as: Sorry, that code has expired Please assist. Thanks.
  12. Hi all. I am using stripe for a while now with no issue. The only thing I am looking for is for the ability to have digital wallets to be executed during the payment. E.g. instead of needing to input the credit card details- either google pay or apple pay would be triggered on mobile phone transactions. Is this available now on the cubecart-stripe integration? Thank you.
  13. Hi Patrick. Is your skin based on foundation? I have a few extension I like to have such as AJAX configurable search box, abandoned carts, also purchased... Thanks Mario
  14. Thanks Peter. Zippay has this online info. Is this not enough as it looks quite detail https://api.zipmoney.com.au/Home/LightboxApi
  15. Someone has an update on this ? Either for Afterpay or Zippay? Thanks
  16. Hello. Can you tell me what codes should I use to achieve this look with the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" - content.checkout.php - content.checkout.medium-up.php Thank you.
  17. To reduce the time to checkout- is there a way to add the input form for delivery address on the registration form? Ofcourse once it is added and customer has inputted, it will not be asked again. Something like below.
  18. Hello guys. Would be good that when customers register, it will have an option to include the address (billing and shipping adress). Is there a way I could edit this page to have the form for adding addresses?
  19. I want to put on the homepage or FAQ section.
  20. Not on the product page Dirty Butter. It will be a simple one which would go like: Type your postcode Type your estimated weight of the item you want to buy to get an estimate shipping fee. Then click ESTIMATE SHIPPING.
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