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  1. Thanks for the reply bsmither, In this case, JavaScript isn't running at all then as I tried with different browsers as well as on different computers. Shop address is : http://shop.marblingart.com.au/cube/ Any recommendation for this instance?
  2. Hi, I've upgraded to v6.1.1 to see if this upgrade can solve my problem, which didn't apparently. On front store screen, "customer"s right-top corner buttons navigates to nowhere. I don't recall what I have changed after upgrading to v6.1.0 but all I remember is, I was trying to solve POF (print order form) problem (which is still exist btw) When I mouse over the shortcut links, it shows link at the bottom of page as "..../cube/index.php#"
  3. When I close POF screen, it goes back to home screen. It doesn't clear shopping cart and doesn't send any confirmation email.
  4. Customer doesn't get confirmation email.
  5. After your reply, I checked and test it. However still doesn't work One thing I realized, items are still in "Basket". Even though I proceed with POF, it doesn't process at all.
  6. Today I installed POF and have exact same problem. Order status stuck on "Pending". Even though I apply above fix, didn't solve it. CubeCart : v6.0.7 POF v1.0.1
  7. Thanks for prompt reply, I used pipe however still not adding products to bundle Even though I add only one product to the bundle, it doesn't show me back
  8. Thank you for your patient and helpful approach. I know I look like dumb however I still need to ask how to use this plug-in. Now I can see "Name of Field for Bundle" on bundle tab, and I can enter some additional data. How do I group items on 1 Product-Kit? On "Name of field for bundle" field, I entered "This product contains:". While creating a new product, I name it as "Product Kit" and on bundle tab, I enter other product names which I gather under my new product kit. however neither my new product kit nor other product contains any relations between each other. Again thank you for your patience and appreciate your reply.
  9. On Plug-in panel, I saw the field ("Name of field for bundle") you mentioned and filled in, also I added some more information on "Admin's instructions" field as well. And when I create a new product, I can see Bundle tab is on the left however it still says same thing. Is there any other procedure or something that I can follow ? Thanks in advance,
  10. Thanks heaps this solved the problem.
  11. I checked the error log and realized there are some lines about stock level update. I changed my stock level for product, I then tried with the product for test customer. It looks like it is not about the stock level either.
  12. I have below plug-ins + AusPost + Bundle Products - PayPal - eWay +ePayments Interac + : enabled This combination ends with gateway error. When I disable "Bundle Products" it avoids payment issue, Here is the error log file. As far as I can see, it interferes with AusPost plug-in rather than Bundle Products. But somehow, it works when I disabled Bundle Products. error_log
  13. Hi again, One more thing, I use "e-Payments Interac" as payments and disabled other payment options (PayPal, eWay) and it was working fine until I enable "Bundle Products" plug-in. When Bundle Products plug-in is enabled, checkout proceeds to gateway for e-Payments Interac and doesn't do anything on blank page. However it lodges the order.
  14. Thank you for prompt reply, As a CubeCart newbie, I managed my products, details and all relevant stuff for a new store. Also I installed the "Bundle Products" plug-in. This looks like do whatever I need. However, whilst creating new product, I see "Visit the Bundle Products plugin control panel to name the bundle field." on Bundle tab.Could you please confirm what I am missing? Thanks in advance.
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