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  1. We have just released an updated version of the Galaxy skin. Current customers please login to your Cubecart dashboard to download latest upgrade package. (Instructions are in Documentation tab on product page.) Following issues have been fixed: - Absolute Pricing - Language Switcher - General Bugs - Compatibility with latest Cubecart version (6.1.6).
  2. Hi Vidmarc, at the moment we are unable to provide test versions of the skin. Best bet would be to checkout the demo and make a decision on whether it's a good fit for your store. At one time we were considering selling the Galaxy theme all together, but that's not happening anymore. We are still active in supporting future development on all of our skins. Hope this helps! Thanks Dirty Butter & Bmsither for fixing the demo link
  3. We launched a new version of the successful Galaxy skin. It is available in the Marketplace for purchase. Check out the demo here. Hope to hear your feedback!
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