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  1. Galaxy X - Premium Cubecart Skin

    We have just released an updated version of the Galaxy skin. Current customers please login to your Cubecart dashboard to download latest upgrade package. (Instructions are in Documentation tab on product page.) Following issues have been fixed: - Absolute Pricing - Language Switcher - General Bugs - Compatibility with latest Cubecart version (6.1.6).
  2. Galaxy X - Premium Cubecart Skin

    Hi Vidmarc, at the moment we are unable to provide test versions of the skin. Best bet would be to checkout the demo and make a decision on whether it's a good fit for your store. At one time we were considering selling the Galaxy theme all together, but that's not happening anymore. We are still active in supporting future development on all of our skins. Hope this helps! Thanks Dirty Butter & Bmsither for fixing the demo link
  3. Looking for new owner for my skin

    Closed. The ownership of Galaxy skin is not for sale anymore and will be further developed by original author.
  4. Cubecart Hosting Provider + Free Installation

    Our TOS also states, that an unlimited account does not set an arbitary limit on the amount of resources and "unlimited" account can use. As also mentioned on our website our plans are scalable for increased demand, and we are happy do discuss thus needs with our customers individually. I am not denying the fact that the company itself if fairly new, we officially launched a few days ago. I've dealt with hosting resellers before, and know that they are a cheap solution for making quick cash. You may assume so, but our servers are not reseller based. It's true though that we lease servers in one of the biggest data centers in the United States. And as demand inceases our infastructure will expand. You also state that these security features are basic for any hosting provider, why do most of the biggest shared hosting providers do not offer these services for $5-20 plans?
  5. Cubecart Hosting Provider + Free Installation

    As spoken by a good American I was born in eurpoe, so don't take me wrong when i quote the facts.
  6. Cubecart Hosting Provider + Free Installation

    Hey Havenswift, i respect you as a long time Hosting provider and our intention is not to take away your Business. But i have to say that some of your statements are not true. When we say "Unlimited" we mean it. You have to understand that US is the center universe of the internet, and due to it's infrastructure and biggest data centers in the world we are able to make those statements. If a customer signs up for our services, and we are not able to stand up to our promise we will refund 100% of the initial cost. I personally hosted websites with many of the top hosting providers, nearly none of them were able to stand up against their marketing scams (100% uptime, security, etc). But because of this experience, we at Beetemple have started this mission to offer legit hosting services with a one to one connection to the customer. Our Maximum Security is backed up by dedicated SPAM filters that are part of the mail server and identify junk during the SMTP handshake phase. How many hosting companies also offer realtime antivirus scanning, DDoS identification/prevention, integrated CDN and the list goes on. I would also like to say the US offer's the most affordable web hosting packages, if the locations of the data center's is the primary concern then i would say you stick to the country you reside in.
  7. Cubecart Hosting Provider + Free Installation

    We provide hosting services to Australian customers, feel free to visit the live chat on beetemple for further information.
  8. Cubecart Hosting Provider + Free Installation

    Yes, i am part of beetemple.
  9. Hey all, I wanted to introduce a great Hosting service they have experience with Cubecart and offer free store installation with every new subscription. The price is very affordable, and you get Maximum security, SPAM protection, and Daily Backups. Check them out if you are looking for a hosting provider.
  10. Galaxy X - Premium Cubecart Skin

    We launched a new version of the successful Galaxy skin. It is available in the Marketplace for purchase. Check out the demo here. Hope to hear your feedback!