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  1. Where is the Affiliate mod?

    Hi Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately not... There used to be a mod that allowed a store to manage this in the back office - which I'd rather do than have a third party involved. I linked to the old mod in my original post...
  2. Where is the Affiliate mod?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a mod for V6 that will allow me to create and manage an affiliate program from within the back office. I really don't want to use an external system. Something similar to this: Cheers!
  3. Additional Product Tabs

    HiI'm working on a new site v6, it seems a lot easier to get to grips with...I've been looking for a mod or plugin that will give me additional tabs on the product pages (like, Description, Dimensions, Technical Info, etc) and I can't find anything?Does anyone know if this is available or not?Thanks in advanceRichard