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  1. Is there a way to send email notifications to different email address for different products sold? Say like sale of shirts to [email protected] and sale of pens to [email protected]
  2. ok thanks sorry did not answer your question but I'm using Chrome will try Explorer
  3. Every time I log as Admin to the dash board or refresh the dash board I receive this security alert:-- Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used. At this time the store is not on line. Just wondering why this shows up.
  4. Tanks for the reply. I guess I have miss leading statement when I stated the word empty. But as of right now I show 9 entries in the table and I would like to rest it to 0. Just not sure how to enter the MySql command to truncate the table. I know where to do it. Thanks again.
  5. Well now that I have been working on the setup up of the store and have a pretty good handle on the basics the only thing that I have not been able to figure out, or find is the location to reset the search terms. The reason that I would like to know how to do this is that before I go live with the store I would like to start The search terms from a new beginning and get rid of my testing of the . Is this something that would have to be done with SQL. If so I have no Idea how to enter the script for that. The only thing that i have seen is to do with this file "cubecart7ab.kux_CubeCart_search" and then saying something to the effect of "empty" . I have found this file in the maintenance area but in the drop down menu at the bottom there is nothing that says reset.
  6. Thanks for the effort but to let you know I did a reinstall and it's working now should the issue arise again I guess i will have to try and resolve it then. THANKS
  7. yes using the latest version cc6 404 page error say it cannot find server or dns error
  8. Unable to locate file. There are only two things that work I can change currencies, and anything associated with the shopping cart
  9. I in stalled CC yesterday and it was working just fine and now when you click on product on the front page is gives you a 404 error instead of opening the more detailed description page. Where you would I assume is where you would select the size and color. I was working on setting up the sizes but not sure if it was working improperly before or after I started working on that. Now there was one other thing that I did and that was to change the folder were CC was to a different name. So it would give it a better name in the address bar. If it would make thing easier because this was in test mode no real data lose would occur, I'm open to uninstalling it and starting over if that would make it an easier fix. When it install does it just use the one folder?
  10. Thanks for the fast response I was editing post when you posted the response
  11. Ok Thanks We have access to this program through are web hos.t So do you have any idea how this will incorporate in to the PHPBB when we install it through are C-panel. Just wondering if there are any examples out there that I view so I could see what they look like? Actually I think that I may have just come up with the answer to my question. Now because the web page we have I consider it to be a bulletin board, and the CubeCart will be a totally separate program and then within the bulletin board one would have to make clickable links to the CubeCart. I am assuming that CubeCart does not make the clickable links.
  12. Is there a way to install CC on a website but not going live with it , and being able to work on it, and when you like the way you have it go live with it? If this has been posted some where else just direct me to that location Thanks
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