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  1. Thanks, I will give that a try before too long as I begin to tackle the call.to.action aspect and need to adjust the image size, but at the moment I am back creating content, working off my headache and am a happy camper, thank you again for all your help. I will say that the new 6.2.4 2.cubecart.js is completely different than the previous 6.2.2 version and this is going to drive me nuts when I update another one of my sites before too long, I expect I will be back for more of your wise counsel.
  2. Made the change to 2.cubecart.js in CC 6.2.4 Foundation. Its a beautiful thing when a plan comes together, thank you so much, this solved the current issues perfectly.
  3. Okay, well this is fun. In the 2.cubecart.js I did as suggested in the Github post and changed line 4 from if($('a.open-clearing img#img-preview').length) { to if($('a.open-clearing img#img-preview').load(function()) { and from this at line 14 } to }); And that seems to fix the image opening size in the product view, but that also, as happens so often, this changed the category gallery view to list version and without the icon view function. Fix one, crash another it seems. Thoughts? Thanks
  4. The small size image does not get re-shown, once the large one is opened, it stays open for a given product. If however I open another product for the first time it too shows the small image by default.
  5. Thanks, I did this fix to the element.product.horizontal_gallery.php and it did not fix the issue I'm having, (as always, I clear the cache). I have attached two redacted grabs, the first is the default that shows on opening, its a thumbnail, then if a browser reload is performed (not sure why this happens) the full size image is displayed as in the second grab. I need the large one to open when the page is opened for the first time. Thanks Jim CC 6.2.4 Foundation
  6. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I meant thumbnail and that is what is showing by default, I need the full size to show by default, there is no need for a thumbnail since there is only one product and it has one image. Thanks Jim CC 6.2.4 Foundation
  7. New problem perhaps connected with the issue above. Running CC 6.2.4 Foundation. Using element.product.horizontal_gallery.php and its showing the default thumbnail in the gallery/product display, there is only one product (digital), no need for a 'tn' and I am at a loss what to try next. Thanks
  8. Thank you. For now I will leave the backup in place, I made some assumptions that perhaps you might be able to confirm or inform. 1) The update uses the original DB, the backup is just that, a backup in case things go pear shaped and could be deleted via my cPanel? 2) The update creates a file named admin_####/skins/default/templates/all php files, may I assume this is also a backup and in fact is not used since I need to go back in and clean up the design I need to work on live files? I could also use to delete this for space. Thanks Jim Foundation CC 6.2.4
  9. Did the DB backup before updating to CC 6.2.4, the site has limited storage so I would like to delete the backup DB, is that okay? Or was that created simply because of possible update failure? May be good for the group to know. Thanks
  10. CC 6.2.2 Foundation Thanks for the tip, the image is scaled down to 447 high and 417 wide though it notes the image is actually 466*500 and the config.xml has 500 yet the container is reducing it. The other site (old) has the image at 408*437 and is the same image. Thanks for all your help on this resizing issue but I think we may have hit the wall in the capabilities of this software. How about this, we go back to moving the group left. I have attached a photo from the old site and you can see that they are closer, why I have no idea and I don't recall making that happen. *** Success, sort of Moving the group Price/Quantity/Add To Basket to the left closer to the gallery photo on the product page, I did this. Okay, I think I did it, sort of, I just need to change the size of the Add To Basket bit because now it's huge and most likely responsible for this change. So it continues... I changed in the element.product.vertical.php at the bottom. <div class="small-7 medium-7 columns"> {include file='templates/element.product.options.php'} {include file='templates/element.product.review_score.php'} {include file='templates/element.product.call_to_action.php'}... </div> From medium-5 to medium-7 and it looks like the image attached, the same as the old site. Thanks for all you help, there may be more questions...
  11. I agree, though in this rendering the image height is displaying at approx. 447 high and 325 wide. The images for this site are actually 545x586 and that is what was uploaded, no reduction was made. I understand the browser resizing due to the code, used that for years to fit things and if I could get to right side of the Price/Field/Add button I would pop in a dot.clear.gif and push the group over. I am satisfied with the image size as it is but if it could be bigger and result in the button being visually closer I'd be a happy camper. So 447 is pretty close to 500 you noted and frankly I lack the ability to measure the image precisely. I do know however exactly what size the image was created and it is 586 high, rendering that height parameter to 500 would reduce the width accordingly but not to the 325 we see now. Wouldn't you agree? Since you noted the image size could solve this I have looked and used my inspector tool to change things around and changed code with no luck. So where so I start looking for that control for the A4 dimension? Thanks so much CC 6.2.2 Foundation
  12. Okay, understood, the space above the price, I should have looked at my other sites.. duh, but blank for this one. For the sake of discussion let me set the viewing parameters. Firefox at normal default display/view setting. I am moving this site to another server with more storage but I still have the old site open and can see the earlier Foundation display and the Price/Filed/Button is in fact closer and the image on that site is approx. 345. Okay, in this new case the image, as best I can quantify, is around 325 pixels wide on the screen, the .jpg is actually 545px wide. If the CC would display the product image at the actual size, I think the problem would be solved or at least improved... I suppose the question is, why is CC reducing this image and where is that control? Thanks
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