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  1. Within the store there are some products that are created with the assistance of an outside source, when a sale is made of these items (only) an email should be sent to them as well as the store admin. Is this even possible?
  2. Thank you so much, of course, I should have realized the difference in the original image sizes was the cause of the disparity. I used an alternative and it works fine.
  3. I have 2 images on this one particular sub-category page, one is the right size using the thumbnail created by the CC, in this case 240px high, while the other is at 380px high for some reason, all re-size images (40, 100, 120, 240, 380, 450 & 750) have been created by CC and reside in images/cache as they should but for some reason this one image is using the ***.380.jpg rather than the ***.240.jpg as all the other images on the site use. Both are listed in 'product/category' only once per product as 'primary & addtional'. Thanks cc6.2.6 (winter is for updates) Lingerie Skin on Foundation base
  4. There is a line 'Delivery Notes or Additional Comments' and a text field on the page-first stage of [email protected], I need to remove both, PHP page? (Digital goods...) Thanks Foundation CC 6.2.4
  5. Okay, so I fixed it, I think. You provided the answer some time back... And it seems to work, so for now moving on to the next problem. Thanks
  6. It is in this case yes, delivery of download content (.zip)/link. I understand that the contents go into a skeleton however no logo of any kind is present and I see no PHP location to hard code it in. The template being used is New Order #{$DATA.cart order id} it seems automatically, (where to control that choice is my next question), right now i am trying to get the logo to appear. The image/s is in the 'images/logos' file. I do see in the Admin settings a option for Logo/scope/other but no way to add that but to choose it instead of 'All Skins' ... or ... so I uploaded a new image/duplicate, set the Admin to Status 'yes' and Scope to 'Email Templates' so there are now two defined Logos/scope and gave that a go (sandbox purchase), no joy, next... I assumed this image load just rewrote/overwrote as there is no second file. so... Next, I changed the name and put that one up using the Admin/Settings/Logos feature, made mock purchase, still no joy. Is it possible that using the PP sandbox is effecting this? Of course I cleared the cache all along. Seems so simple, but sometimes so frustrating.
  7. Using Foundation CC 6.2.4 and need to add the company logo to the customer receipt. Tried going through admin/email templates and even though I was successful in filling in the template (I think), the resulting emails still did not resolve the image. I also looked into altering the relevant PHP but didn't find it.
  8. Using CC 6.2.4 Foundation. On the first basket view of the checkout sequence, I need to remove the copy and form input space for the "Promotional Code..." I have 'disabled' this option in the store admin and it still appears. (box.navigation.php) perhaps? Thanks
  9. Many thanks, that fixed it. I changed in the Lingerie skin/templates/content.category.php from <div class="product-list"> {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" class="product addForm" id="P{$product.product_id}"> <p class="image"> to <div class="product-list"> {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" class="product addForm" id="P{$product.product_id}"> <p> <- this line Client is smiling and so am I, thanks again.
  10. Sure, thanks for the help. https://satique.com/store/furnishing.html is one example
  11. I am using the Lingerie skin on CC 6.2.4, though even before the .4 update images in certain circumstances started to show double borders, offset as shown in the attached example though the offset seems to vary in margin width, some close, some distant like the sample. This happens in the SubCategory when there are multiple images displayed, the Category when a single product is displayed, however, when the Product image alone is displayed or at the Category level with multiple product images there is no double border. This anomaly seemed to have happened spontaneously for no obvious reason, no work was done on this site and it was not this way when I handed it over to the client. Using the Inspector it seems almost like its a larger blank image 'behind' the actual product image, go figure... corruption? Something happened, so far as I know nothing was done server side, I have other CC sites running on it and they have not exhibited this issue though they are Foundation skins so this is most likely an issue with the Lingerie skin I assume. I'm stumped and have no idea how to fix it or even where to start looking.
  12. Okay, so in CC 6.2.4 with bsmither's help (I assume) and the provided solution, it worked beautifully and this command was not required. I will be using it regularly.
  13. Thanks for all the help, I will certainly be looking into this soon and report my conclusion. Note: I always save a copy before working on a file I did not create, good idea for anyone doing this type of work.
  14. Like many others I have been deluged with bogus 'customers' created by bots and mechanical turks, I see a possible solution in a past post (2/3/16) by member avyona where they said they had used this code in their phpMyAdmin to clean the DB... "DELETE FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE order_count = 0 AND registered < 1460000000; or even better: DELETE FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE order_count = 0; It will clean house in a second!" Has anyone tried this with the current 6.2.2 CC Foundation and/or is this a risky move? Thanks Jim
  15. Thanks, I will give that a try before too long as I begin to tackle the call.to.action aspect and need to adjust the image size, but at the moment I am back creating content, working off my headache and am a happy camper, thank you again for all your help. I will say that the new 6.2.4 2.cubecart.js is completely different than the previous 6.2.2 version and this is going to drive me nuts when I update another one of my sites before too long, I expect I will be back for more of your wise counsel.
  16. Made the change to 2.cubecart.js in CC 6.2.4 Foundation. Its a beautiful thing when a plan comes together, thank you so much, this solved the current issues perfectly.
  17. Okay, well this is fun. In the 2.cubecart.js I did as suggested in the Github post and changed line 4 from if($('a.open-clearing img#img-preview').length) { to if($('a.open-clearing img#img-preview').load(function()) { and from this at line 14 } to }); And that seems to fix the image opening size in the product view, but that also, as happens so often, this changed the category gallery view to list version and without the icon view function. Fix one, crash another it seems. Thoughts? Thanks
  18. The small size image does not get re-shown, once the large one is opened, it stays open for a given product. If however I open another product for the first time it too shows the small image by default.
  19. You mean my posts? I am not trying to abuse the forum.
  20. Thanks, I did this fix to the element.product.horizontal_gallery.php and it did not fix the issue I'm having, (as always, I clear the cache). I have attached two redacted grabs, the first is the default that shows on opening, its a thumbnail, then if a browser reload is performed (not sure why this happens) the full size image is displayed as in the second grab. I need the large one to open when the page is opened for the first time. Thanks Jim CC 6.2.4 Foundation
  21. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I meant thumbnail and that is what is showing by default, I need the full size to show by default, there is no need for a thumbnail since there is only one product and it has one image. Thanks Jim CC 6.2.4 Foundation
  22. New problem perhaps connected with the issue above. Running CC 6.2.4 Foundation. Using element.product.horizontal_gallery.php and its showing the default thumbnail in the gallery/product display, there is only one product (digital), no need for a 'tn' and I am at a loss what to try next. Thanks
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